Looking for things to do in Cancun? Aquaworld has the best!

There are many things what to do in Cancunlike visiting its nightclubs and its beautiful beaches. However the first thing on your list should be to visitAquaworld for their wonderful tours. Ah, but in Aquaworld there is much more than water activities, discover everything you will find!

At Aquaworld you can have a whole day of fun, not just a few hours. It doesn’t matter if you want to eat a snack, go shopping, enjoy a full meal, go out for a few drinks, or just relax, you can do everything in our facilities!
hay muchas cosas que hacer en cancun pero aquaworld tiene las más divertidas


At Aquaworld you will find many options for your cravings because we have three different restaurants. Each with a unique twist to satisfy all palates.
At the Daiquiri Baryou can order from a coffee to a complete meal. It is outside the lobby and has an incredible view of the Nichupté Lagoon. You have to try their nachos!
On the left side of the marina, right in front of the Flowrider, is the Wave Party. It has an excellent view of theFlowriderand a DJ with a soft, warm and enveloping sound. Their French fries are delicious!

The newest restaurant is the Surfing Burger which has a variety of sweet and savory crepes, hamburgers, hot dogs and much more. Provides a perfect view of theAquabounce so you can enjoy a snack while your children have fun on the inflatables.


You can easily find our boutiques as they are located on both sides of the lobby. There you will find everything you need to enjoy your vacation such as swimsuits, sandals, towels, souvenirs and more.

There is also a boutique outside, perfect for buying sunscreen or a hat before your boat leaves. Find it next to the Surfing Burger restaurant.

Fish Spa

Pamper yourself after a day of adventure with this innovative way to remove dead skin cells. You can live this relaxing and fun experience on the right side of the lobby.

To ensure you have a great day, Aquaworld has all your needs covered. We have lockers to keep your belongings dry and safe. They are free with some tours, you just need to leave an ID. There is WiFi so you can show your friends what a great day you are having. And there are showers and changing rooms so you can come out fresh and ready to be sure to enjoy your vacation.