Lose Yourself to Speed in the Fastest Aquatic tour in Cancun

We dare you to hop aboard the vessel that will take 30 minutes of your life and transform them into a perfect mixture of both adrenaline and fun. The Aquatwister the best extreme tour in Cancun. It is filled with spins, sudden brake stops and a lot of craziness. That will make you feel as if you were on a rollercoaster.

Fast and Furious is the star of the show on this thrilling adventure. It’s a yellow speedboat with room for 20 daring souls. It has a powerful sound system that fills the lagoon with pop and electronic hits to get everyone ready to roll.  A Cancun Excursion that you can’t miss!

The Fastest Aquatic tour in Cancun

The Aquatwister reaches speeds of up to 55 mph and was designed to handle all kinds of maneuvers. Even the really extreme twists and spins that keep everyone entertained and soaking wet.
Running at a speed of 55 mph  means you’ll feel your back superglued to the seat and your heart pounding out of your chest. And since Cancun extreme adventure tours are meant to be fabulous fun, there’s nothing left to do except put your hands up and scream.

Bold Moves

Some of the boat’s specialty maneuvers include the scary sideway slides that leave everyone soaked. Not to forget the daring power brake stop. This is a move where the boat rushes towards a mangrove at full speed and suddenly stops just a few feet away, creating a sense of thrilling anticipation.

But the one move that gives the Aquatwister its name is the 270-degree spin.  The G-Force creates the impression that you’re about to fall off your seat and land on the lagoon. But don’t worry, this doesn’t happen because the boat has strong seatbelts!

This ride for the bold takes place in the beautiful Nichupté lagoon in front of Aquaworld marina. It lasts  30 minutes which leaves plenty of time for you to try other activities. Enjoy them as many times as you can in one day; make the most out of your AquaFUNtastic Day Pass