Luggage for children to Cancun What to bring?

The holidays begin and here we put at your disposal the essential checklist, the best luggage for children to Cancun. So that the little ones have the best time and can enjoy the sand and the sea to the fullest.

So what should we take as luggage for children to Cancun? Well, depending on the age of your children, the needs vary. However, it is super important to be prepared for any situation during our trip and stay. So join us and prepare your list, for the best family experience.

The sun block

For the little ones, 3 years old or under, we should use sun creams made for babies within this age range. It is best for babies to stay in the shade for the longest amount of time as their skin is still very sensitive.
The SPF protection factor must be above 50, and must be applied at least 30 min prior to sun exposure. We recommend that you dress them with clothing that protects them, sunglasses and hats will also be of great help.

Important note: here you can find out how by choosing a biodegradable sunscreen you canavoid causing damage to the environment and reefs more specifically.

The mini medicine cabinet

When going out with children, especially if we are going to take long routes, it is necessary to have articles that help us get out of any inconvenience or accidents.
Take bandages for cuts and scrapes with you. Gauze and antiseptics are also very helpful. And don’t forget the mosquito repellent suitable for babies and children.

Analgesics and antacids are not bad for us either, so you can eat everything without fear of discomfort.

The thermos for water

Staying hydrated is very important since the climate in Cancun is hot and very humid. Take plenty of water with you, at least 2 liters and some sandwiches or snacks. It is best to bring fruits as they are healthy, rich and provide a good source of vitamins. Great to recharge your batteries after a day at the beach.

We recommend the use of thermoses so as not to generate more garbage that can end up in the oceans. But don’t worry if you forget because in most of the places you visit in Cancun, you will have the option of buying bottled water.8 ways to enjoy the excellent climate of Cancun. So you can spend your holidays in style.

Inflatable vests

Whenever the little ones are in the water, they must wear them. We do not want any accident in the water, or near the shore of the beach. In addition to making the children float, they prevent them from spinning in the water, and they are easy to store and transport. We recommend you visit Playa Las Perlas. It is one of the best beaches in Cancun to go with children.

To visit MUSE, it is ideal for the whole family and the children will have a great time. There are shallow areas, and if you don’t want to swim, you can go underwater!The paradise subsee tourit is ideal for the whole family.

What you need for babies

Bring what you would normally pack when you go out with your baby: clean diapers, disinfectant wipes, etc … And in addition to this, do not forget some swimsuit diapers that are resistant to water. Talco also so that your skin does not irritate. cups and bottles; Luggage for kids to Cancun is not something to be taken lightly. Include some change of clothes so that they feel fresh and clean of sand.

Umbrellas and some toys

Whether they are babies or small children, it is important that they are not exposed to the sun for long. Sunscreen helps, but nothing like being in the shade. There are several options to the classic umbrella such as awnings, small tents with an open door and sometimes the best is the shade of a palm tree.

The luggage for children to Cancun, it would not be for children without some toys. Maybe one to spend each day like inflatable balls, paddles, and buckets to make sand castles. And well, your kiddie luggage to Cancun seems to be ready with all these items. Now it only remains to bookthe best tours for children in Cancun.