Magical places to practice diving in Cancun

Reefs, underwater rivers and shipwrecks are just some of the interesting places to practice diving in Cancun, these beautiful underwater attractions surprise thanks to their beauty.

The largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere, it is full of underwater attractions, both natural and some man-made attractions: vibrantly colored coral reefs, some shipwrecks and the incredible Cancun Underwater Museum MUSA are the best options for swimmers, snorkeling and diving in Cancun.The Mesoamerican Reef System is home to 65 species of corals and more than 500 fish and is the second largest barrier reef in the world, extending along the Yucatan Peninsula, the crystalline waters are more than perfect for diving in Cancun, its warmth is ideal to discover everything that is hidden under the surface. The Mexican southwest is popular for the aquatic activities that can be done here, the cenotes are a One of the biggest attractions for diving in Cancun, the Yucatan Peninsula has an extensive system of underground freshwater rivers and limestone soil.

Diving in the C 58 Minesweeper Wreck

The C58 Minesweeper Wreck is a mysterious, haunting and somewhat romantic shipwreck, it is only 80 feet below the surface and can be accessed from a boat and then diving and diving in Cancun. This piece is a ship of the Navy of World War II that was sold to the Mexican Navy in 1962 and was submerged with the purpose of creating a tourist attraction and helping the proliferation of marine nature.The area is guarded by fish of all sizes, colors , groupers, eagle rays, stingrays and barracudas. You can go diving around the entire ship and it is even possible to enter the wreck.

Diving in Cancun, discover Punta Nizuc

Punta Nizuc, is an isolated beach located exactly at kilometer 24 of the Hotel Zone, this beach is natural so you will have to prepare yourself with what you need for your day of walking through Punta Nizuc. Do not forget to make snacks and bring refreshing drinks for your stay. If you are going to dive in Cancun it is necessary that you bring your diving equipment, so you can walk on the shore and find the ideal place to do your dive.If you want to take advantage of your diving experience in Cancun, you can take a tour with Aquaworld, Only the experts will give you a tour of the best routes so that you can appreciate the coral reef and the majestic fish of radiant colors.

Sleeping Shark Cave

About 20 years ago, they found in Isla Mujeres a cave deep in the island’s waters, inside this cave sleeping sharks were discovered.This mysterious cave is the refuge of incredible sharks that do not come out and only the brave venture to dive to Knowing this disturbing cave, without a doubt it is necessary to have enough experience to be able to know this cave. If you need to become an experienced diver, you can take the tours and get certified with the Aquaworld guides.

Tajma Ha cenote full of Adventure

This incredible cenote is one of the many caves and cenotes that exist in the Riviera Maya, this cenote in Puerto Aventuras is very close to Cancun and is an excellent option for diving in Cancun, if you travel from Playa del Carmen you will only find 25 kilometers of distance that are worth traveling.The unique waters of the Tajma Ha cenote have waters so crystal clear that you can see through it without having to be submerged, which makes the environment perfect to get to know this beautiful well in depth. Tajma Ha is one of the few cenotes that has a mixture of fresh water with salt water, this cenote is ideal for diving as it is very illuminated on sunny days which causes incredible effects on the water, and it also has the structure of a natural dome. made over the years,makes this cenote a very special one.

National Reef Park of Puerto Morelos

The Mesoamerican reef area, also known as the Mayan Reef is the second with the largest coral reef in the world and runs parallel to the Yucatan Peninsula.In this park it is possible to practice diving in Cancun since it is much closer to the shore than in Other areas of the Riviera Maya, diving excursions and organized trips can be carried out by professionals.

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