Snorkeling and scuba diving are very popular in Mexico and Manchones reef in Isla Mujeres, a 12 kilometer long natural marvel is perfect for these sports.

Exotic fish species and flora with amazing colors make it very special, indeed. The diverse reef formations you will find in the azure blue waters are unique to Manchones reef. Cruz bay is a must visit for the bronze sculpture that lays under the water and is a symbol for people who lost their lives at sea.

Snorkeling and Diving at Manchones reef

 The place ranks among the top 35 snorkeling places in the world. Manchones Reef is a true natural spectacle where tourists can enjoy the wonders the marine world has to offer.

Snorkeling is the way to see the world from a completely different perspective. The life under the sea is somehow unexplored and snorkeling lets us see it.  This is a great way to leave worries behind and take a plunge. If you do not know how to dive you can take a snorkeling tour to MUSA and visit these gorgeous reef.

If you want to go deeper you may take a scuba diving tour to this area are explore up close all its wonders. The practice becomes even more rewarding when you know how to do it, but if you are a beginner scuba diver you might want to read some tips before going on the tour. In case you need any assistance or help, we at Aquaworld are there for you.

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The Manchones Reef is just 10 minutes by watercraft from Isla Mujeres, offering a perfect getaway for individuals who like snorkeling and diving. The site provides a unique place to feel the nature but also enjoy the adrenalin rush of adventure.

The reef has depths from 15 meters to 2 kilometers and is full of coral reefs that are home to countless astonishing marine species.

Mayan Culture in Isla Mujeres

Manchones Reef is only one of the wonders in Isla Mujeres which is a wonderful place for history lovers in the Mexican Caribbean. Isla Mujeres is a genuine heaven of ancient culture and history which attracts numerous tourists every year.

For travelers who come to Isla Mujeres, there are many options for adventure and lodging. Guests can look out for rented accommodations, hotels or owner’s rentals. There are various exotic restaurants to choose where you can enjoy all the flavors of the local cuisine, but of course Non-Mexican food is available as well.

Most inhabitants of Isla Mujeres are fishermen living a basic yet blissful life in the tropics. As per history, this island was a Mayan territory, in the period somewhere around 564 and 1516 AD. In those years Isla Mujeres was a haven devoted to the goddess Ixchel, goddess of wealth, health and contentment.

The island was found by Francisco Fernandez de Cordoba in 1517. He discovered the island with many female shaped idols representing the goddess Ixchel, thus the name. Amazing, right?