Marine animals that you can find when diving in Cozumel

If you want to know about the marine animals that you can find when diving in Cozumel, you just have to take a look at the following.

Giant anemone

Although at first glance it does not look like an animal, the giant anemone belongs to the marine fauna that you can find in a diving tour in Cozumel. This type of anemone protects cardinal fish from predators by having stinging tentacles, and the fish clean the anemone’s mouth and tentacles. They also host crabs or prawns.

Fire coral

This is a species of false coral that inhabits the Caribbean. Depending on its location, it shows a variety of shapes and feeds on plankton as well as microalgae found in its tissues. An important point is that when diving in Cozumel do not touch the fire coral as direct contact with this coral can cause stings. of the animals that this coral can host are shrimp and fish such as hawkfish that are immune to the poison of fire coral.When you take a diving tour you should avoid having contact with this coral, not only due to its bite but also to help maintain the balance of the marine ecosystem in Cozumel.

Nurse or cat shark

It is a species of shark that can be up to four meters long and is found in tropical seas such as the Caribbean. This type of shark is not aggressive and does not pose a danger to humans. It has a small mouth compared to other sharks and it feeds on crustaceans and mollusks, which it grinds with its curved teeth. Something unique about the nurse shark is that Females can give birth to up to 40 live young and is also sometimes known as a cat or cat shark because the bumps on its snout look like a cat’s whiskers.

other marine species

Other animals that you can find when diving in Cozumel are the green moray, the spotted cleaner shrimp, the rainbow parrotfish, the barracuda, the spotted moray, the hammerhead, lemon and bull sharks, the seahorse, the butterfly fish, the fish blue angel, damsel fish and the famous loggerhead turtles.

Diving is the main attraction of Cozumel, as there is good visibility and temperature so you can easily observe the diversity of flora and fauna on the site.The best way to see the marine animals on the island, especially if it is the The first time you travel to this destination, it is through a diving tour, in which you are offered a qualified guide and professional equipment to develop this activity.

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