Meet Rodrigo Quiñones and his Underwater Sculpture

Meet Rodrigo Quinones and his underwater sculpture for the Cancun Underwater Museum and enjoy the pleasure of diving in the Caribbean waters and in the largest underwater museum in the world.

Visual artist Rodrigo Quinones was born in 1981 in Mexico City, obtained a Bachelors degree in Visual Arts at the School of Arts of Yucatan while also specializing in cultural management, curacy and contemporary art productions giving him much experience in curation and organization of cultural events.

Working alongside various museums and publications, this artist creative works have garnered the attention of the world and given him an outlet underwater and on dry land. So, meet Rodrigo Quinones and his underwater sculpture for MUSA in Cancun.

The underwater museum, second in the world, boosts of more than 500 statues from the collaboration of various artists, drawing in thousands of visitors from around the world each year.
Quiñones’ Bio Map or world map sculpture is one of the many marvels at the artificial barrier reef museum. From above, Bio Mapa illustrates the various landscapes and continents of the world as if looking down on a map.

The sculptures made from marine clay, are covered with underwater creatures, coral and plants giving the overall display an eerie yet earthy feel. Tropical fish and other creatures swim around the world map darting in and out of their new safe and artistic habitat. Quiñones’ passion for art and love for cultural events is definitely part of the vision.

Rodrigo Quiñones Bio Map in MUSA

An underwater Bio Map in MUSA

Something as simple as a world map definitely speaks to the need that everyone around the world has to protect our natural resources. As the algae sways peacefully back and forth on the underwater map, we remember the need to work together with nature to keep this planet alive and well.

The map display is engaging and perfect, a must see for everyone planning a retreat to the lovely Yucatan Peninsula. Even more astounding, the Bio Map is easy to see from above the water. The clear turquoise seas are perfect for viewing the sculpture below.

As hard as it is to believe that something can be even more amazing, turtles, lobsters, crabs, fish, coral and other living things live together on the map creating an underwater society in itself.
This underwater piece really does carry a lot of symbolism, the perfect artistic structure for those looking to ponder on. It is like looking at the world from somewhere above, quite perplexing yet creative and fun!

Nearby, check out some of the other sculptures by various artists and prepare to be amazed by the creativity and stunning symbolism each sculpture represents to engage the divers and snorkelers above.

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