Meet the magnificent cenote Tajma Ha

Meet the magnificent cenote Tajma Ha which is located in the state of Quintana Roo and is one of the most attractive in the area of ​​the Caribbean Sea.

It was called as Taj Mahal, a name given to it by the first explorers who walked through this cave system when reminding them of the beauty of the renowned Indian temple. However, it is now known as Tajma Ha; the word ‘Ha’ has a Mayan origin and means water.

The Tajma Ha cenote is located 25 kilometers south of Carmen beach and it is one of the furthest off the road, compared to other famous cenotes in the region.

Unique waters of the Tajma Ha cenote

Open from 10 in the morning until 6 in the afternoon, the Tajma Ha cenote allows you to see the haloclines not too deep due to the visibility of the waters. Haloclines are the meeting surfaces between large amounts of fresh water and salt water at the bottom of the Tajma Ha. scuba diving here is a unique and exciting experience. A dive will allow us to enjoy spectacular games of light in its crystal clear waters, in the same way as observing the different caverns that make up this cenote. You will be able to enjoy and admire the stalagmites and stalactites with their beautiful shapes.

The best activities to do in the Tajma Ha cenote

By going to the Tajma Ha cenote you will be able to enjoy the depths where fresh and salty waters intermingle.

Regarding diving It is one of the best cenotes for this activity, thanks to its caverns and its spectacular play of lights on sunny days that generates incredible effects on and through the water. In addition, the possibility of admiring its fossils and the dome of the cenote.The area of ​​the caves of the Tajma Ha cenote has the peculiarity of a dense halocline or a Chinese garden and can reach a maximum depth of 40 meters.

How to visit the Tajma Ha cenote?

At Aquaworld we offer you the most varied options for your visit to the Tajma Ha cenote area. The first is our cave diving tour in the Riviera Maya. To make the visit, you can go to Aquaworld at 8:00 am or we can pick you up at your hotel. If you are inCozumel You can take the 10:00 am ferry to Playa del Carmen.

The second alternative is to hire our 2 days diving tour. On this tour you can do 2 dives: the first can be in the Cancun MUSA, in a shipwreck or at night, depending on your choice; the second, in the Tajma Ha.

The last possibility we offer you is ours 3-day dive package. In this package you can do 3 dives. On the first day you can dive in the Tajma Ha cenote or on the island of Cozumel. During the second day, you can choose to dive in MUSE or visit the reefs of Grimpín and Punta Negra.

For the last day, you can dive a shipwreck or, if you prefer, you can admire the different marine life in a session of night dive.

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