MUSA has the best underwater sculptures

In 2009 the Cancun Underwater Museum MUSA, opened its “doors” this beautiful museum was formed in the waters that surround Cancun, Isla Mujeres and Punta Nizuc and has incredible underwater sculptures.

The Cancun Underwater Museum houses more than 500 underwater sculptures all made in life size and are permanent, this incredible attraction was created for a powerful reason; seek the proliferation of marine fauna and flora, this has been achieved for two reasons.

Give a new attraction to tourism from around the world by giving natural reefs a break by creating artificial reefs with great artistic features.

Each of the underwater sculptures went through an interesting process for their creation, all have specialized materials that allow promoting coral life, making these underwater sculptures very friendly to the environment.

The MUSA has the best underwater sculptures.

All the sculptures were fixed to the rocky subsoil with spikes to prevent movement by the force of underwater currents.

Manchones Room

This room is eight meters deep, it is suitable for divers and swimmers in this room 450 sculptures were installed under the water of Jason deCaires Taylor and the rest is from other incredible artists giving a total of 475 underwater sculptures.

Nizuc room

In this room it is only three meters deep, this room can only be accessed through snorkeling, diving is not allowed due to the shallow depth.

The Nizuc room has a total of 16 beautiful underwater sculptures; here you will find works of art such as “Empty”, “The Last Supper”, “The Listener and many others by the artist Jason deCaires Taylor.

For his part, the artist Roberto Díaz Abraham has one of the most beautiful underwater sculptures, “La Musa del Oceáno” also known as La Tía, by the artist Karen Salinas you will find “Seaescapes III”

If you want to know the MUSA as well as the underwater sculptures that will welcome you with pleasure, Aquaworld It has several tours for you to practice diving or snorkeling and enjoy both rooms their sculptures, as well as the beautiful flora and fauna that inhabit these rooms.

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