MUSA will have new sculptures by Elier Amado and Roberto Díaz

As of Saturday, August 29, it arrives at Underwater Museum of Art (MUSA) the second sculpture by Roberto Díaz Abraham entitled ‘Diego’ and the first contributions by the new artist Elier Amado Gil “Understanding ‘and’ Bendiciones”

New sculptures in the Nizuc room of MUSA

Elier Amado Gil, together with the president of the Museum’s Board of Directors; Roberto Díaz Abraham, the Director of the Costa Occidental National Park Women Island; Jaime González Cano and the Secretary of Education; José Alonso Ovado unveiled the sculptures that will be added to the Nizuc room at the bottom of the sea.

The new sculptures will be submerged on Saturday, August 29 at the Nizuc gallery throughout the day.

Understanding, blessings and Diego in MUSA

The Cuban artist’s collections represent cultural diversity, tolerance and communication for the Cancun population and the thousands of tourists who visit the Museum throughout the year.
‘Understanding’ is a collection of 6 concrete sculptures of people sitting around a large local stone, symbol of Cancun.
‘Blessings’includes 6 sculptures with different postures of gigantic hands, in this work the artist intends to abandon conceptualist pretensions and eliminate dogmatic ideas.In addition to the collections’ Umbral ‘,’ Icebreaker ‘, Reposo’ and ‘False idols’ For his part, Roberto Díaz shares At MUSA, his second work ‘Diego’, inspired by his grandson of the same name, Díaz, will bring us innocence and the purity of childhood, as well as the fragility that evokes childhood, which is represented by the ceramic necklaces planted on the base Of the piece.

The goal: 1,346 pieces in MUSA

The objective of the Underwater Museum is to reach a total of 1,346 pieces to increase the tourist attraction, since these act as a artificial reef, which enchants millions. The Museum aims to demonstrate the interaction between the art and science of environmental conservation.

The total of submerged parts have been authorized by the Semarnat, under high quality standards since special materials must promote coral life; after being donated by their creators.

SEyC and CONACULTA approved the sinking of the new sculptures by Elier Amado Gil, resident artist of the MUSA workshop.

If you want to know the new sculptures, you can take the Paradise Snorkel tour, which includes activities to visit the MUSA and enjoy the new artistic pieces as well as the marine life around it.