New sculptures have arrived at MUSA, get to know them!

Today we love to know that art continues to arrive in Cancun, as a new series of statues arrived at the Underwater Museum of Art MUSA.

On June 7, 14 new sculptures were transported to the Fonatur roundabout, some of them will remain in that place to be observed on land, while the rest will be sunk to create a new area in the MUSA, the place is a surprise for what we are eager to know the new room that they are about to unveil.

This colossal batch of statues weighs more than 30 tons and includes the 6 giant hands of ‘Blessings’ that as we have discussed previously represent the blessings that Cancun has to offer the world.

The materials in which each of the statues are made are special, helping to promote marine life.

The investment was of more than half a million pesos to bring these new attractions to the museum.

Two new top attractions at the MUSA

Blessings is one of the main points of interest in this new series of sculptures, but there is another work that will also steal the attention of locals and strangers.

Reposo by Elier Amado Gil is also a beautiful attraction for the Underwater Museum of Art, its total weight is 8 tons full of materials that will reinforce the creation of artificial reefs, this work of art measures about 1.80 x 3 meters .

Amado Gil’s work is a representation of self-evaluation, since he wishes to explore the human will to promote the introspection of the human being. This piece suggests and invites meditation and silence.

If you already know the Underwater Museum of ArtYou must visit it again to take a closer look at these works of art that will give new life. There are more works that you will surely love, such is the case of ‘Pandora’s box’ which is one of the most beautiful pieces that will be part of the MUSA.If you will travel to Cancun soon, then you have to visit each of the MUSA galleries , sincePunta Nizuc passing through Isla Mujeres and the new room offer us 530 sculptures in addition to an incredible diving experience.

If you want to be super aware of what happens at the MUSA, then you have to follow the official Facebook page of the Underwater Museum of Art where you will see exclusives, information about the museum as well as the artists.