Nichupté Lagoon, host of the Jungle tour

Winter vacations are approaching and many are the travelers who will arrive at the paradisiacal beaches of Cancun, they carry out activities such as snorkeling, jungle tour or fishing, because they are the most recommended for these seasons.

Without a doubt, we can recommend some activities to make your stay very pleasant. That is why there are countlesstours So you can give your family at these end of the year parties, regardless of age, all the tours that you can take in Cancun are intended to live with nature and enjoy the moment.

The Jungle tour is one of the activities out of the water that most participants will love, this fun tour consists of knowing on a boat at full speed in the mangroves of the Nichupté lagoon.

Nichupté Lagoon, a natural beauty

Nichupté is surprisingly a system of lagoons that measures more than three thousand hectares and is composed of seven bodies of water, this emblematic lagoon communicates with theCaribbean Sea through two channels, the Siegfried and the Nizuc.

In addition to being one of the largest and best-known lagoons in Cancun, it is the host of the Jungle tour since its extension, beauty, mangroves, as well as the species that inhabit it are worthy of delight.

What are mangroves?

Mangroves are a dense woody plant formation that measures from 1 to 30 meters in height, these formations are composed of one or several species of mangrove. Nature is so wise that it has formed impressive structures in these mangroves and these in particular provide great protection to the coasts where they were formed.

It is possible that on the jungle tour you will carefully observe that the mangroves are feeding, refuge and growth areas for a great variety of crustaceans, as well as acting as natural flood control systems.

While traveling through the Nichupté lagoon in the jungle tour you will meet a large number of marine species inhabiting the extensive mangroves such as leopard frogs, iguanas, white turtles and many birds that take refuge in these beautiful places.

What is the jungle tour about?

It is one of the Aquaworld Tours that presents a great variety of sites for your delight, you only need to follow the guide aboard your own boat who will tour the Nichupté Lagoon together with another person, always with the guide of experts who will lead of navigation.

If your thing is to sail with more than two people then you need the ‘Limo’ boat which is perfect for sailing with 4 people, and is perfect for taking children and thus making them part of this experience in the mangroves of the Nichupté lagoon. your family this end of the year a Jungle tour and get to know this beauty of nature.

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