On a day trip you will get to know the Caribbean islands

If you are on vacation in the Caribbean, you must visit the three beautiful islands of the Mexican Caribbean, a fun day trip to Women Island, Cozumel or Holbox will fill you with joy.

The vacations were made to rest, but also to discover incredible places and you will only find them if you venture around Cancun.

A day trip takes you to the sky and to know the most beautiful reefs

Cozumel, where the sky hides

This is the largest island you will find in the Mexican Caribbean, it is a tourist attraction that receives thousands of divers in addition to many cruise ships. Cozumel has a lot of jungle and a lot of aquatic fauna, for this reason practicing snorkeling and diving is one of the most accomplished experiences.

The Coral reef It runs the entire length of the island and places like San Francisco and Santa Rosa have dives to see this beautiful reef.

Isla Mujeres day trip

If what you are looking for is an experience that you will never forget, then you need to take a mini trip to Women IslandThis is probably the best-known island in the Caribbean and because it is very close to Cancun, a half-hour trip will be the beginning of landscapes full of turquoise blue everywhere.

This beautiful island is so named because many sculptures of women were found, on this island the Mayan goddess Ix Chel protected women in childbirth and gave them happiness. The pirates protected their women on this island so that they would be cared for by the Goddess.
Isla Mujeres has a very calm atmosphere, in addition to being one of the most beautiful places on this planet, according to the Condé Nast magazine It has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world: North Beach.

The island is surrounded by reefs, which makes it the perfect attraction for those adventurers of snorkeling. Aquaworld offers a day trip to Isla Mujeres, as well as some snorkeling tours to get to know the reefs found here.

Holbox, the paradise made island

This island is considered virgin and is located north of Cancun, it is known for the visit that the whale shark makes to its perfect waters.

Transportare in holbox is still run by golf carts, scooters and bicycle Since it is not authorized to use cars and we hope that it will be so for a long time.The island is separated to only 42 kilometers from the mainland. The attractions that you will find in addition to the whale shark are the magical flamingos and pelicans.

If swimming alongside the world’s largest fish catches your eye, then take advantage of the whale shark storm on this day trip from Aquaworld.