Places and recommendations for fishing in Cancun

Cancun It has many places to carry out different activities for all types of tourists, in this article we will tell you about a special activity, so that you can do an incredible fishing in Cancun.

Where to go fishing in Cancun?

If you are a fishing lover, you can practice this activity in various places in this paradisiacal destination.


This place is famous for being one of the places where fishing is done in Cancun, but what differentiates it from the others is the sport fishing of sailfish, kingfish, and barracuda, Akumal has a beautiful bay protected by a reef, which helps to have a gentle swell.


It can be reached by boat or motorboat throughout the year, the island offers a great variety of species such as sawfish, mackerel and crowned fish. In the months of March to June you will find the blue king, sailfish, dorado and white king, one of the favorites that fish in Cancun.

Women Island

This island famous for having a fishing activity is one of the best known and most visited for fishing in Cancun, here the species that proliferate are marlin and goldfish.


It is an island known for its calm waters, since within it there are species such as the tsusm tsusm, blue shark, horned and you can also find horse mackerel and tarpon.This fishing is done standing on the beautiful sand of this island, there are knowledgeable captains of the best areas and the various techniques to have good results.

Puerto Morelos

Another fishing village, where you can find marlin, white king, dorado, tuna and barracuda. This destination is known for having endless sport fishing tournaments throughout the year, if you don’t know where to go Aquaworld has the best fishing tour in Cancun, where you are guaranteed excellent service and impressive catches depending on the season in which you make the tour.You can fish in Cancun on the private Aquaworld charter and fish much larger species, all this thanks to the deep waters where you sail.

Aquaworld also has shared fishing boats, these are perfect for solo travelers, or they travel as a couple and they want to enjoy, fish and share this experience with other fishermen.

Recommendations for fishing in Cancun

Either on the shore of the beach or on a boat it is necessary to have a basic knowledge of fishing, you may be lucky as a beginner, but it will not always be like that, so take into account these recommendations to do a good fishing in Cancun.

Perform a safe launch

If you are already planted to start fishing in Cancun, you must do it with the right foot and make a precise and powerful launch towards the surface of the water, keeping the rod as low as the wind, in this way when sending the fly (Fishing) the rod will be in a vertical position and the wind will help you propel the line.

Prepare a live bait

The objective of fishing in Cancun is to obtain a fish of any size, this fish needs to be attracted to ‘something’, this is where the bait is relevant and it is preferable that it be a live bait.

The naturalness with the swim the bait will help to hook any fish, for this it is necessary to hook the bait superficially, and not in a deep way since if it is done in this way it can be damaged and at some point escape.

We recommend hooking the hook on the upper jaw or on the dorsal fin this way it will give you freedom to swim naturally which will attract the fish.

Use a hook

Many of the catches escape when they are loaded onto the boat, hence the importance of using a hook behind the head to be able to control the fish at the moment of hooking.If you want to enjoy your next fishing experience in Cancun to the fullest, go with Aquaworld they will do everything possible to make it the best.