Plan your vacations in Cancun to have fun

Planning your vacations in Cancun is fun and should be done before you arrive so you have enough time to do all the activities you want.

There are an abundance of tours and activities in Cancun, the hard task is deciding what to do and when, this is why we recommend you to divide your interests into land tours and aquatic activities.
When planning what to do in Cancun, choose how many days to schedule activities and which days will be spent sunning yourself on the pristine beaches of Cancun.

Weather Cancun:

Check the seasonal weather conditions when planning your vacation and take into consideration any factors that might be important to you or might affect your arrangements.

The key is not to pack many activities into one day

Some tours may take all day whilst others take just a couple of hours. A day trip to Isla Mujeres or a visit to Cozumel Island will be an all day excursion from Cancun, but some short tours like snorkel in the Underwater Museum  or parasailing in Cancun hotel zone can be done in an afternoon.

Aquatic activities with Aquaworld

The great thing about Aquaworld marina is that you can take most of your activities from the same place. Waverunner rentals in the Mexican Caribbean or boat tours in Cancun departing from the lagoon side, snorkel tours to the local reef areas as well as scuba diving. If you are planning various activities, a combo package works out a lot cheaper.

Deep sea fishing is also very popular as Cancun is well known for sport fishing; the 6 or 8 hour private charter option is recommended for this or alternatively join a shared boat.

Don’t forget to leave time for shopping!

Without mentioning Mercado 28 (a flea market) in downtown Cancun, where you can find many things for a cheap price; the most popular shopping malls are Plaza Kukulcan and Plaza la Isla, located in the hotel zone of Cancun. They both offer a wide variety of ítems and luxury stores for all the family.