Prepare to dive for the first time

get ready for dive for the first time in the seas of Cancun and live a unique experience. Here are the things you should know and do to go diving for the first time.

Where to go diving?

This will be the first question that you will have to answer and we recommend that you take into account several things such as:

  • The attractions that there are to observe on the site.
  • The depth, taking into account that if you are starting it is best to go to shallow places, no more than 18 meters and increase the depth little by little, as you gain security.
  • The visibility you will have under the water, which depends on the specific conditions of the sea.
  • The water’s temperature.
  • The marine species that inhabit the area and how dangerous they can be for humans.
  • General conditions such as the presence of currents and waves.

At this point it is important to do as much research as possible about the tentative locations, so that you are informed about what to expect and the weather conditions. The first few times, it is best to go to a dive center like Aquaworld in Cancun, so that our experts certificates in diving guide you and accompany you wherever you want to go.

Use the necessary equipment to dive for the first time

So that you can dive as safely as possible, you must make sure you have all the equipment you need and that it is in optimal condition; You can also choose to rent it on site. In general, the equipment you will need is:

  • The right size wetsuit that allows you to move freely. Its thickness will depend on the temperature of the water in which you will dive.
  • Fins, to overcome water resistance.
  • The buoyancy compensator.
  • A weight belt, and an easy-to-use releaser. The weight of the belt is determined by your degree of buoyancy and that of the rest of the equipment.
  • The scuba tank, depending on the type of tour you intend to do.
  • A regulator whose function is to let the air out of the tanks in a controlled manner.
  • The diving mask, which should fit your face perfectly.

Prepare yourself physically and mentally

The first thing is to make sure you are not dehydrated, as this could be detrimental to your health when diving.

Then you must prepare yourself mentally for dive for the first time Because one of the keys to doing it safely is staying calm and having a positive attitude. Even when there is a problem, panicking underwater is not a good idea.

Finally, it only remains to remember that diving is an activity that you must always do accompanied, so you will have to look for a person to go with you, preferably someone who already has experience and can help you with any problem that may arise underwater. .

Come to Aquaworld to know our diving tours in Cancun, Cozumel, the Riviera maya and Women Island. In all these places you can be accompanied by a guide prepared to assist you, who will help you know what to expect and if you enjoy this experience.