Puerto Morelos, a necessary stop if you are visiting Cancun

Puerto Morelos is a beautiful destination that Aquaworld offers you in some of the best packages and it is a necessary stop if you are visiting Cancun.

It is a great place to do snorkel, diving and other activities outside the water.
Located around 35 km south of Cancun, it is one of the most important commercial ports in Mexico. However, aside from being an important fishing center and constantly receiving national and international boats, it draws attention for its big reef, which is the second largest coral reef in the world.

To protect the natural resources of this wonderful reef, Puerto Morelos was declared a National Park because it is part of the humanity and planet Earth’s heritage.

Puerto Morelos, una parada imprescindible

Snorkeling on the reef

For having shallow coral reefs and reef lagoons with lower surf, this place becomes the ideal site to practice activities such as snorkel and diving.

The biggest advantage of these amazing reef lagoons is that the depth of the reef is only two meters in the shallower areas. This is why you are able to snorkel perfectly and appreciate the most beautiful tropical fishes in their natural environment, doing a calm snorkel without any complications.
We offer the right equipment for you to practice this exciting activity that you will remember all your life. It is important to highlight that for the people who do not dive, snorkeling is a good alternative and in Puerto Morelos we assure you the best experience ever.

Diving in Puerto Morelos

There is also the option to dive in Puerto Morelos outside the barrier reef, where you will also appreciate the seagrass and a big variety of fauna. There are several attractive places within the Marine Park as El Túnel, La Pared, El Puente, La Bocana, Los Jardines, Cuevones and the artificial reef located on the gunboat Juan Escutia, resting 30 meters deep and is the perfect home to countless species because it is completely covered with natural corals and sea sponges.

Buceo en Puerto Morelos

This ship became a dive attraction shortly after its intentional collapse in 2000 because it has served for its purpose, providing a home to hundreds of colorful species.

Live the best experience of your life

Puerto Morelos offers you a big number of interesting activities that you can do with your family. If you prefer a more strenuous experience and sports activities, do not miss the opportunity to dive in Puerto Morelos or practice windsurf, the second most popular activity in that place.

Activities outside the water in Puerto Morelos

Moreover, there are other good sites to visit aside water attractions like the Botanical Garden, which is a sanctuary of the Mayan jungle that covers a total area of 65 acres of beautiful spaces filled with flora and fauna, like the spider monkey and the coati. You will also see boas, crocodiles, deer and ocelots in the zoo located in the same garden.

Jardin Botanico en Puerto Morelos

Definitely, there is no better way to enjoy your holidays. Discover the abundance of nature in Puerto Morelos with Aquaworld and our excellent tour packages that guarantee you the best vacation experience of your life.