Punta Nizuc, a beautiful reef in Cancun

Punta Nizuc is a popular beach recognized for its coral reef and the abundant marine life that you can find, without a doubt, diving in Punta Nizuc is an unforgettable experience.

Within the state of Quintana Roo, in the area of ​​the Yucatan Peninsula and with the waters of the Caribbean Sea, there you will find one of the most beautiful places to visit and have the opportunity to know the most beautiful Cancun reefs.

Punta Nizuc has two access roads, one from Mérida via highway 180 to Cancun and the other access is from Puerto Morelos taking highway 307 that connects Tulum with Cancun. Punta Nizuc is one of the three places with the most visited reefs in the world due to its great ecological value endorsed by the national park.

A few kilometers from Punta Nizuc, in the nearby area of ​​Playa Ballenas, there is an archaeological site called San Miguelito, where you can have fun with a variety of activities.

Punta Nizuc is an incredible area of Reefs

In this area there are more than 230 species of algae and seagrasses, among the most outstanding marine species are manatees and turtles. The area is full of jungle, mangroves and species of coastal vegetation. He is also famous for having a sculpture of the Underwater Museum of Art (MUSA).

MUSE It is a good starting point to start exploring the Mesoamerican reef, there you can find and admire more of this great diversity of marine species.

The Punta Nizuc area is the mouth of the gigantic Nichupté Lagoon In addition to being a place full of mangroves, most people take advantage of this immense lagoon to give a boat ride in the company of family and friends.

Also, at the end of the tour of the Punta Nizuc reef, the place gives an interesting show that can rarely be seen.

Ecology and tourism

Punta Nizuc, as part of Cancun it hasthe second largest barrier reef in the world, and has allowed the establishment of different natural resource preservation parks there.

The waters are shallow, warm and crystalline, and a great variety of marine species abound in them, which make this place a spectacular place.

The Mesoamerican Reef has to offer from the great variety of marine species and even a sighting that you will never forget.

That is why year after year more people come to these water parks, since this beautiful reef in the Cancun area, makes it possible to carry out many water activities and also to visit the national parks.

Water activities

Punta Nizuc is one of the best areas to practice snorkel and diving. There it is possible to see turtles, lobsters and the most varied species that live within the corals. The tours Paradise Snorkel by Aquaworld or Subsee Explorer allow you to enjoy a fantastic excursion through Punta Nizuc.

In addition, the diverse coral reefs of the place allow the practice of diving in Punta Nizuc to be more interesting and captivating. Also with the varied and incredible excursions, among which the visit to the MUSA stands out.