Punta Nizuc, a reef in Cancun with underwater sculptures

Punta Nizuc is a beautiful reef with underwater sculptures near a secluded beach on the hotel zone of Cancun. Punta Nizuc is popular for its calm and quiet location, the variety of activities you can do there and the natural beauty.

The warm, clear and shallow turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea offer the best way to see the marine life underwater. The reason of the popularity of Punta Nizuc is the crystal clear waters, the abundance of marine life, and of course, the gorgeous underwater sculptures of MUSA.

The reef of Punta Nizuc is extremely popular amongst tourists and it is part of the Mesoamerican Reef, which is the world’s second largest reef.

What can I find in Punta Nizuc Reef?

Punta Nizuc is also home to a couple of underwater sculptures like ‘The Gardener of Hope’, a masterpiece of Jason deCaires Taylor. These are part of the Underwater Museum (MUSA), which was built to preserve the coral life of the area.

There is a fascinating mix of wildlife and marine creatures in Punta Nizuc, that keep nature lovers coming back. Some of the flora and fauna you can find here are:

  • More than 30 types of corals have made this reef their home and 37 types of soft corals are also found here.
  • Over 230 kinds of aquatic flora can be found during underwater tours.
  • Over 100 species of fish  and 4 types of sea turtles.
  • 43 kinds of mollusks are found here.
  • 30 types of birds also nest or visit this area.

Courtesy of our friends at Snorkel around the world 

The variety and the mix of species here is just overwhelming. It can be a wonderful experience for those wanting to get a little closer to these friends of nature. For those who are new to scuba diving and exploring, Aquaworld brings you some exciting ways to enjoy your vacations.

Jungle Tour

The Jungle Tour in Punta Nizuc is a must because you get to see a different side of this reef. You will drive your own speedboat and follow the guide through the mangroves and into the ocean. Once in Punta Nizuc you will get to snorkel in these beautiful area. This is one of the most sought after activities by tourists visiting Cancun or the Riviera Maya.

Paradise SubSee

Paradise SubSee is a part-submarine where you get the chance to see the underwater world without actually getting into the water. For kids and those who cannot swim, this is a fun and great way of exploring the life under the sea. Get a chance to see, turtlesfish, and maybe even dolphins in the safest way with friends and family.

Paradise Snorkel

Paradise snorkel is a great way to enjoy a relaxing vacation. Enjoy snorkeling in Punta Nizuc reef with our guides and other members of the group and keep adding new adventures to your vacation. Known to be one of the most famous activities in Punta Nizuc, the things you find there will surely leave you mesmerized.