Are you Ready to Swim with the Whale Shark?

You’d better be because the season is about to finish! The best season to swim with the whale shark and enjoy the best encounter is from June until the end of August.

Whale shark encounter ranks at the top of all activities in the Caribbean and is highly recommended for those who are staying in Cancun or Riviera Maya to live a once in a lifetime experience. The main reason is that watching a 40-feet long creature is simply amazing; they are the largest fish that have ever existed, with an approximate weight of 10 tons! Can you believe that?

Is it safe to snorkel with a whale shark?

So imagine you go snorkeling with your family or friends and you face this gentle giant of the sea – how cool is it? Snorkeling will provide a lifelong memory for you.  Don’t worry if the size freaks you out a little, let us tell you something: with a throat the size of a quarter and a diet that mainly consists of plankton, whale sharks are nothing to worry about. They are the most peaceful and beautiful animals in the sea. The name maybe sounds a little intimidating; whale makes you think huge and shark, well enough said. 

Whale sharks do actually have teeth although you can’t see them. In actual fact they have 300-350 rows of teeth, incredible right? They’re mouths are also on the front of their face rather than the underside as with ‘traditional’ sharks.

Swim with whale sharks in Cancun

Our goal is to ensure total satisfaction with a day full of exciting experiences on the Aquaworld tour. Departure is from Puerto Cancun and we sail towards the area between Isla Contoy and Isla Holbox, until there is a sighting. This is one of the best moments of the tour. You scan the horizon, almost tie your neck in knots trying to catch the first glimpse. Your heart starts beating fast as you know any second, a whale shark will break the surface of the water. Then you jump into the water and respectfully swim alongside this jaw-dropping gentle giant.
Don’t miss the opportunity to join the World`s favorite snorkel activity and swim with the Whale Shark in Mexico.

What to bring?

Remember to bring a towel, sunglasses also a hat, sunscreen (biodegradable), and sun-smart clothing to protect you from the sun. Seasickness tablets may be a good idea if needed and don’t forget your waterproof camera!

Put this on your bucket list and experience swimming with the whale shark in Mexico.