Reasons to visit Holbox Island

Usually when talking about Mexican Caribbean, you immediately think of the Riviera Maya, but there are other places in the Yucatan Peninsula that can offer us a beautiful experience, the Holbox island It is an island that will undoubtedly make you fall in love.

This beautiful island presents unparalleled experiences thanks to the direct contact with nature and the local population, on this beautiful island you can swim next to the whale shark in the month of September, in addition to the virgin white sand beaches.

Almost virgin and little frequented beaches

Holbox Island has an area of ​​42 km long by 2 km wide, has 35 km of white and coral sand beach with shallow waters of a beautiful emerald color. Holbox has different hotels with little tourist impact, for this reason it is almost a virgin area where you can vacation and find a lot of tranquility.

Whale Shark the guest of honor

Holbox is the island that receives between 800 to 1400 specimens in the months of May to September: one of the largest congregations in the world of this enormous and precious species, it is considered the largest fish in the world and Aquaworld has an activity with this beautiful animal ,swim with the whale shark It is a wonderful experience for those who want to meet this beautiful species.

Holbox Island, is a protected area

Holbox is part of the Yum Balam protected area, this area is an extensive maritime zone full of low-lying forests and mangroves. 90% of the endemic birds of Yucatan, the whale shark, the stingrays, dolphins, manatees and otters; jaguars, pumas, tapirs and other species in this area are protected for their proliferation.

A destination with few inhabitants

This beautiful island is characterized by being a fishermen’s island, so you will eat delicious gastronomic creations.The streets of Holbox are white sand almost like delicate talcum powder, so you can walk barefoot. There is practically no car traffic, the number of bicycles, golf carts and scooters is greater, everything in this beautiful destination is tranquility, so if you want to forget about urban stress, Holbox is an excellent option.

Activities to do on the island

When you are on the island of Holbox, you can travel by kayak through lagoons and mangroves, go horseback riding on the beach, bathing in springs and visiting the mythical cenotes, snorkeling and diving, you may prefer to stay in the sun and enjoy the sand and the beautiful sea.