Rent a Waverunner in Cancun for the best fun ever!

Hop on board a Waverunner in Cancun and you’ll be able to ride through the mangroves of Laguna Nichupté or the beautiful Caribbean ocean, you choose!

If you’re a water sport enthusiast you’re going to love this; Even if you aren’t a fan of water sports, riding a waverunner in Cancun is a perfect way of getting to know the ocean and exploring the mangroves.

The water splashing on your face as you cut through the breeze will make you feel amazing! Not to mention the ever changing colors of the ocean.

Rent a Waverunner in Cancun

With Aquaworld, you can rent a waverunner in Cancun for either 30 minutes or a full hour and we guarantee you will have a whole lot of fun doing so.

You can come alone or with anybody else you want! We always have our techs up and ready to go so you can enjoy this tour with your family or on your own.

The waverunners we have at our marina are Yamaha VX-1100 with 100HP, they can go really fast!
Riding a waverunner in Cancun promises a fun filled adventure! Give yourself 2hrs of your vacations to enjoy this incredible experience.

Cruise the Laguna Nichupté on your waverunner

The calm waters of the lagoon will help you navigate more easily, this lagoon is very popular among water sports fans! You can also try hover boarding in Laguna Nichupté as well as many other adventures that take place on the calm side of Cancun.

Riding on your waverunner through the mangroves is awesome fun. Give yourself the time to absorb the natural beauty of this place and keep an eye open! You may find one of the many species that live in the mangroves like the iguanas or blue crabs.

We recommend you try adjusting your schedule to see the sunset! In Cancun, the sun goes down on the lagoon side and that is an image you want to remember for a very very long time!

Ride the waves of the Caribbean ocean

If you want a little more adrenaline on your trip, then you’ve got to take the oceanside ride! You’ll understand why these toys are called ‘Waverunners’ for sure.

Feel the breeze and enjoy the radiant sun, you’re riding a waverunner through one of the most beautiful oceans in the world, what more do you want?

At sea you also have a lot more space to do as you please! Spin and try turning harder, enjoy it to the max! Just keep your grip tight and your mind sharp at all times! Don’t forget the instructor’s guidelines either and you’re good to go for as much fun as you want.

Aquaworld’s Day Pass offers up to 10 activities for $129usd – this includes the waverunner!  GET MORE INFO HERE.