Run with us in the 2nd annual AquaWorld Race!

AquaWorld is the creator of the best tours and water activities in Cancun and Riviera Maya. But more than that, we also know how to organize fantastic community events, like races to run along with friends and family. That’s why we’re proud to invite everyone to participate in our second annual AquaWord Race, and have we got many surprises planned for that day.

There will be different categories for all ages; toddlers can run a 1-K while the passionate runners can run up to a 12-K.

The race will take place at 7 a.m. Sunday, June 4, at the AquaWorld marina, located on Km 15.3 Kukulkan Blvd., in Cancun’s Hotel Zone. The cost to join the race will be $280 pesos for adults and $180 pesos for children.

2da carrera aquaworld

Whether you were part of the first race, or this would be your first time, we give you a few tips so you can fully enjoy this experience.

Forget the stress. The purpose of the race is to have fun and enjoy it with our families. You will receive a lot of support from the audience, so just get out there and have a blast! Don’t worry about being in first or last place, in the end everyone’s a winner!

Get everything ready. Remember to take care of everything the night before — the clothes you will wear, your watch, your car keys… everything you need before going to sleep. Try to get at least eight hours’ rest.

Start slow, keep the pace. If you’ve watched the best runners perform, they always start at a moderate pace and accelerate toward the end. Remain at a steady pace so you can make it to the end of the race.

Stay hydrated. It’s important that you stay hydrated during the days before the race, but be careful not to drink too much water just right before you run. Along the course of the race, there will be hydration stations to keep you refreshed.

Enjoy the friendly atmosphere: This is the first point and the most important one. It’s OK to run either by yourself or with someone, but running surrounded by hundreds of people is just a fantastic experience! The adrenaline will increase along the way thanks to the fellowship with other runners.
Now, you’re ready for your race with AquaWorld, don’t miss the registration dates because there are only 500 slots for runners. Join us with your family!