Salvador Quiroz and his sculpture in MUSA

Salvador Quiroz Ennis is one of the artists who participated with his sculpture ‘Bacab’ for the Cancun Underwater Museum. He studied industrial design in Mexico and Milan and has developed in projects of architecture, ecology and communication.

Salvador Quiroz Ennis-sculptor in musa

Dedicated to the museum design he founded CONCEPT M, dedicated to building museum exhibition areas across the country. At the moment he is working on several projects outside of Mexico.

Salvador Quiroz has also participated in the creation of the Museum of Cinema and projects like the Museum of Biodiversity and Water Museum of Xochimilco.

He has the ability to see in a place something that others cannot, and with his experience he is capable to give advice on art and education.

In one entry of his blog he wrote ‘Museographically speaking, the design of an exhibition seeks emotional translation of an intellectual discussion” referring to the opening of the Mexico Pavilion in Venice 2014, in which he criticized the lack of creativity.

His underwater sculpture in MUSA

You can find the sculpture of Salvador Quiroz, called ‘Bacab’ in MUSA. The sculptures found in this unique and fascinating underwater museum are made with materials that are special for the formation and maintenance of corals.

Thanks to this sculpture and its system of marine concrete has a great capacity to host a variety of shoots of coral and sponges attracting with this a variety of fish species.

The design of the piece is ideal for the development of these fish species, even giving them a place to spawn more safely. The sculptor says that he even could find 3 lobsters within the sculpture. With this, the purpose of the water park is to preserve the life of certain species of corals and fish, helping it to improve the marine ecosystem of the area.

The museum consists in more of 400 sculptures of different artists from all over the world. Each piece weighs about 180 tons and are scattered in an area of ??about 420 square meters.

Bacab sculpture in MUSA Cancun

Visit the underwater museum while snorkeling or scuba diving

MUSA is one of the most famous underwater museums worldwide and one of its major advantages is that you can do two things at once, visit the museum and go scuba diving or snorkeling, two activities that anyone wouldn’t have thought they could merge together.

Besides this two great activities, there are some other tours you can take in which you will be able to spot some of the underwater sculptures in this fantastic underwater museum, like Paradise Snorkel and the Subsee Explorer.

You want to go know more about the tours you can take to visit MUSA? Contact Aquaworld for further information!