What to look for in a Scuba Center: Cancun Dive Shops

Scuba Diving is an exhilarating experience, and it’s safe, as long as all the required precautions are followed. Choosing a reputable dive center is very important, as they are responsible for minimizing any risk.

Diving Mexico

There is nothing like scuba diving in Mexico. The Cancun area offers coral reefs, cave diving and even wreck dives. But before you choose a dive center and scuba dive in Cancun, here are some tips to help you choose a scuba center.

1.     Do some research ahead of time

If you’ve just arrived in paradise, it’s too late. Do some research online, on Trip Advisor for instance, and check out the scuba centers’ social media ahead of time. When you get there, you’ll be more familiar with what’s available and can ask for recommendations. If you’re a beginner scuba diver or at a more advanced level, it’s essential to feel safe when diving with a good center with a positive reputation.

2.     Check to see if the scuba center is registered

Dive centers should be registered with PADI, SSI, SDI or NAUI. Look at the certificates on the wall. Are they up to date? You should also verify the qualifications of the instructors. Are their instructor cards available?

3.     Maintenance

Take a look at the scuba centers’ dive equipment and boats, are they well-maintained? Do the boats offer first aid equipment? Will you be protected from the sun? Check out the facilities as well. The dive shop should be clean and organized and offer lockers and showers. And you know what they say, location is everything. You don’t want to have to carry heavy equipment a long distance to get to the boat.

4.     Ask questions

Are you an experienced diver or looking to becoming certified? Ask questions about your specific requirements. There should be no more than 4-6 divers per guide, so ask if the scuba center follows this guideline. Are groups small? You can also ask about the dive center’s safety record and ask to see their boat logs. If they won’t answer your questions, it’s a very bad sign.

5.     Pay attention to pricing

There is no cheap scuba diving. The price should be reasonable and offer value. Ask what is included. And you never know when you might have to cancel a trip or the weather won’t allow for diving, so ask about their cancellation policy. Can you get a full refund?

6.     Environmental awareness

A dive center should be concerned about protecting marine environment and should have an environmental policy or guidelines that they go over with their divers, things like explaining that touching marine life is strictly prohibited. Please ask what the dive center offers to minimize the effects on marine environment.

7.     Look for warning signs

Look for any warning signs like poorly maintained equipment, shabby looking boats or an unenthusiastic staff. If you hear about a bad experience from another diver or if you just have a bad feeling, look elsewhere.

Cancun Scuba Center

Aquaworld has been in operation for over 30 years and is Cancun’s number one scuba center. This PADI and SDI registered, full-service dive center, one of the first in Cancun, took over 5000 people diving in 2018 and certified over 500 others. Aquaworld’s dive boats are well-equipped fast boats and its bi-lingual instructors have years of experience and long-term employment with Aquaworld.

Scuba Diving Cancun

Now that you know what to look for in a dive center, you’ll see that Aquaworld has it all. Take a look at our scuba certification courses and tours and plan your next scuba diving adventure in Cancun now!