Scuba diving in the best locations of Mexico

Scuba diving is a fun water sport where you can see a totally different world. If you want to scuba dive in the best locations of Mexico, this post will surely help you out! 

If you are still planning your vacations and have not decided on your destination you might want to keep on reading and choose according to your favorite scuba diving destination. Remember in Mexico you can find clear warm waters in the Caribbean Sea and also some cold and darker waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Best diving options in Gulf of Mexico & Caribbean Sea

Riviera Maya and Costa Maya

This is supposedly the best place for a great scuba diving experience. At the meeting point of the Caribbean Sea and the Yucatan Peninsula it offers warm and clear blue waters, excellent for both beginners and professional divers. Also in the Riviera Maya you can try the unique cenotes and cave dive and admire a wonderful spectacle of lights.


Cancun is the ultimate tourist spot with all its fun and adventure activities. Scuba diving is one of the popular sports among the visiting tourists. Scuba diving in the Cancun Underwater Museum (MUSA) will certainly be the best experience. Get to know the more than 400 submerged sculptures of the biggest underwater museum in the world.
Isla Mujeres, a six kilometer island off the coast of Cancun offers a wide range of fun activities including scuba diving. You can also take a walk along the beautiful white sand beaches. Aquaworld has special packages in Cancun, tailor-made for you, so check them out!

Cozumel Island

An island off the coast of Mexico is another popular spot for scuba divers. Cozumel has different types of diving tours for beginners and more experienced divers where you can swim with turtles and many marine life. The Advanced Open Water in Cozumel allows you to do some deep wall dive as well as drift dives. Aquaworld has special and affordable scuba diving packages in Cozumel.

Puerto Morelos

The port city offers a great experience of scuba diving. You will have access to world class instructors who will make the sport easy and enjoyable.
You can see the natural and artificial reefs and also the coral covered gunboat. Besides, if you like shipwrecks, we will be happy to offer our services and help you admire wonderful ship wrecks in Puerto Morelos.

Banco Chinchorro

The secluded and protected area is the best place if you want to see the amazing colors of the reef in coastal waters. You can admire the corals at the last stage of the coral reef formation, and atolls, circular formation around an island. Wide range of fish and other marine animals can be seen here.

Anton Lizardo

If you want to get away from the crowd and enjoy solitude, Anton Lizardo, a small town in Verazcruz is the perfect spot. You can relax on the pristine beaches and go scuba diving as per your convenience. You can also explore the Veracruz reef here. It is a different ecosystem altogether untouched by heavy tourist activities.

Scuba diving in the Pacific Coast

Islas Marias

An island off the pacific coastline of Mexico, it is a great scuba diving site. The deep and clear waters of the Pacific give a great view of the life underwater. But beware, the waters are cold unlike the warm Caribbean Sea.

Baja Peninsula

The town of Coba is the paradise for experienced scuba divers. The water is cold and requires wet suits and body warming dry suit sometimes. Coba is situated at the tip of the Baja peninsula and offers a wide range of diving options. The giant ray can be found in the shallow coastal waters, an amazing experience!

Puerto Vallarta

Another popular tourist spot for scuba diving along the pacific coastline. International scuba diving experts prefer the spot due to its clear waters and scattered reef system which attracts the biggest animal on the planet – the blue whale.


The low temperature of water here offers a different kind of challenge for scuba diving. If you are a beginner, you would want an expert diver escorting you.

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