Scuba diving tour for beginners

A diving tour For beginners, it is perfect for those who have never had the opportunity to do this activity before in the incredible waters of the Mexican Caribbean.

The experience of knowing the life of the depths of the sea is unique, something that can be achieved with diving, however, if you do not have at least the basic knowledge on the subject, as well as the necessary skills, it could be quite difficult to Although on the internet you can surely find a lot of information about this activity that can help you to know the basics of diving, it is not the same as taking a face-to-face course in which a certified instructor teaches you the theoretical and practical knowledge that you will need to perform this activity safely.

Another reason it’s a good idea to take a Diving course, is that if you do not have a certification, it will be somewhat difficult to access the dive sites by yourself.

Is certification necessary to take a diving tour?

Of course, it is possible to dive without certification, only that you must be accompanied by a certified instructor to prevent any problem; In addition, it will give you the feedback you need to be able to properly acquire diving skills.

There are several courses at fairly affordable prices for those who have never practiced this activity before and that will give them the opportunity to do it even if they are not certified divers.

Discover Scuba by Aquaworld

One option for diving without certification is the Aquaworld course called Discover Scuba.

This package includes, first, a theoretical class with instructors certified by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), if you are in Cozumel, or by the Scuba Diving International (SDI) if you are going to dive in Cancun.

With this theoretical class you can learn the basics of diving, including safety signs, so you can communicate underwater.

Once this is over, you will have a practical lesson in the safety of a pool specially created for scuba training.

Once you have gotten used to the feeling of being underwater and using the equipment to dive, the instructor will take you to know the depths of the Caribbean Sea where you can admire a great diversity of marine life.

There are several sites that you can choose from for this first experience under the sea:

The Manchones reef

Located near Women Island Its calm and shallow waters make this place suitable for beginner divers, in addition to the fact that there are several beauties to admire in it.

The Underwater Museum of Art (MUSA)

It is composed of some 450 statues submerged in the Cancun sea, admire these works of art, as well as the fish and other species that live in the vicinity.


If you took the class Discover Scuba From the Island of Cozumel, you will have the opportunity to see the famous Paradise reef, in which many choose to dive in order to see the coral reef that is there.

Puerto Morelos

Aquawold is also present in some all-inclusive hotels in Puerto Morelos, from where you can take your introductory course and then go diving, all this without leaving the hotel.

The hotels from which you can do this are: Moon Palace, Excellence, Dreams, Now Saphire, Now Jade, Secrets Maroma, Secrets Capri and Paradisus Riviera.

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