Scuba Diving while pregnant

Scuba diving while pregnant sounds like a beautiful, magical experience. But is it safe?

There are many pregnancy articles to be found online but amongst all this reading material about the dos and don’ts, what to eat and what not to eat etc, some sports such as scuba diving are never mentioned. The list of ‘things not to do while pregnant’ is long and unfortunately we need to add scuba diving to that list. Some may not think to ask, particularly during the early stages of pregnancy when many women can carry on with their regular activities. Let’s look into the facts and discover why scuba diving while pregnant is not a good idea.

Should you care about Scuba diving while pregnant?

Guys we’re going to talk about girl stuff now but don’t go away, this information could be valuable for you one day when your partner is going through pregnancy and you need the safety deets.

This information is relevant and important to a female scuba diver.  According to PADI’s most recent statistics, 36% percent of divers certified by them over the last 6 years were women – and this doesn’t include Discover Scuba Divers. 

Can you go scuba diving while pregnant?

As mentioned unfortunately not, here’s why.

There is not enough substancial evidence to say that scuba diving while pregnant is safe. There is also not enough evidence to say it’s harmful to your unborn baby which is why most dive centers operate a ‘better safe than sorry’ attitude and therefore do not allow pregnant women to dive.

This doesn’t mean if you unknowingly go scuba diving pregnant then you are at risk of harming the fetus. There are no air spaces inside the amniotic sac so equalizing is not an issue for an unborn child nor is there evidence to suggest that increased air pressure will harm your baby. It just means that because of the lack of facts, once you get that second line, it’s time to put your diving hobby on hold!

Obviously it would not be ethical to conduct this type of survey in order to obtain true statistics on birth defects caused by scuba diving. Surveys conducted have produced non-conclusive results as the birth defects reported to those who had gone scuba diving were to the same ratio that is considered ‘the norm’. Furthermore, scuba diving could not be held conclusively responsable in these cases.

Other pregnancy/scuba considerations

It’s a known fact that many women experience nausea and sickness at the beginning or even throughout their pregnancy. This would become enhanced from the movement of the dive boat and also whilst underwater.

Scuba diving with your preggo belly may not be the most comfortable once you put on your BCD and weight belt. Scuba gear can strain your back which is already carrying extra weight.

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Stay safe and enjoy your pregnancy!

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