The Sculptures of the Cancun Underwater Museum

The Sculptures of the Cancun Underwater Museum are something that you must visit during your vacations in Cancun. Submerge yourself in the most delightful and clear waters of the world.

Cancun Underwater Museum also called MUSA is a Non-Profit Organization situated in Cancun.
In November 2009, around 100 statues were set in shallow waters of Cancun´s National Marine Park, and that was the start of the venture.

The aggregate exhibition hall establishment involves more than 150 sq. meters (1,600 sq. feet) and weighs more than 120 tons.

Jason deCaires Taylor

Jason de Caires Taylor, the inventor of the world’s first underwater sculpture park, has increased worldwide distinguishment for his special work. His sculptures highlight environmental procedures whilst investigating the complicated connections between current art and the environment.
Around 470 startling figures will blow your mind.

Jason de Caires Taylor is an internationally acclaimed sculptor who makes underwater living establishments, offering viewers, vaporous experiences and brief glints of an alternate world where art is created from the impacts of nature on the endeavors of man.
The idea was to create an artificial reef featuring sculptures made from marine concrete.

Some sculptures in MUSA

Divers and snorkelers will have the opportunity to acknowledge more than 400 extraordinary sculptures in profundities reaching out from 9 to 20 feet. The artist Jason deCaires Taylor offers a contemporary and social point of view of how the Mayan people have progressed throughout the years in ‘The Silent Evolution’.

sculpture in MUSA the silent evolution
Also seen in the historical center, near to the island of Isla Mujeres, a sculpture entitled ‘The Dream Collector’ will be submerged, close by various other amazing flawless masterpieces like The ‘Jardinera de la Esperanza‘ which gathers various types of coral arrangement as an underwater garden.

Sculpture in MUSA the dream collector
Sculpture MUSA the gardener
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