Sea turtles in Mexico: 5 things you did not know

Sea turtles in Mexico are one of the most interesting animals out there. On Cancun and the Riviera Maya we are especially privileged, since they come to spawn here every year.

However, beyond some basic information, it is not common for us to know about these fascinating animals; That is why in this article you will know some things that you did not know about sea turtles in Mexico and in the world.

There are 7 species of sea turtles in Mexico

Sea turtles come in many sizes, colors, and shapes. In total there are 8 species recognized in the world, of which we have 7 in our country. Although not all of them visit us, sea turtles in Mexico share a series of very interesting characteristics with those of the rest of the world.

  1. The turtles they can smell odors through their throat

Unlike humans who perceive odors through our noses, turtles can perform this function through their throats, although it seems strange, this is how they detect the smell, mainly of the food they are going to consume.

2. The shell of the turtle has sensitivity

Many think that the shell of the turtles is for the exclusive use of their protection, and that in addition to that when it is touched in any way they do not feel absolutely because they are generally hard.

But the truth is that through the shell they also perceive the contact, perhaps to a lesser extent, but if one day you meet sea turtles in Mexico and have the opportunity to touch a turtle in the form of a caress or by passing a brush when they clean, you will notice that it reacts to touch, and they even like it.

3. Your sexual maturity is determined by size and not by age

We know that turtles can live for many years, even exceed a century of life, therefore it is also thought that being a species that lives longer than others, their sexual activity is prolonged and that this aspect matures after a few years, but Something that many do not know is that what determines this aspect is its size.

A tortoise that has reached a large size is apt to start having an active sexual life, while when they are smaller they are not yet fully prepared.

4. Turtles are the oldest species what is known

It is already well known that turtles live many years, but another thing you did not know about turtles is that they are in fact the animals with the longest lives that are known so far, many of them are even capable of overcoming the barrier of 100 years.

The oldest tortoise recorded to this day was over 180 years old, but some are even said to have lived up to 250 years, no more and no less than a quarter of a millennium.

5. The clarity of your shell determines its temperature

There are many species of turtles, and among them some are marine and others land; in the water we can find those that are green.

The species that are in the depths have darker skin and therefore their body temperature is lower. On the other hand, tortoises are usually yellow or brown, and their body temperature is higher.

Do you want to swim with the sea turtles in Mexico?

If you want to admire the turtles in their natural environment, then our snorkeling tour in Akumal it is ideal. It is a natural area protected by the authorities where hundreds of turtles will lay their eggs each year.

This tour is appropriate if you are traveling with your children because there are no currents in this area. When setting the day of the tour, indicate which hotel in the Riviera Maya you are staying at in order to pick you up.

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