Roam the Caribbean Skies with the Skyrider in Cancun!

Take the Skyrider in Cancun and experience something completely different! Just imagine parasailing above the Hotel Zone, roaming the Caribbean skies, the breeze in your hair. It’s a great mix between thrills and relaxation.

You know AquaWorld loves to offer amazing tours and great times. Hence, the Skyrider guarantees a parasailing experience beyond compare.

We’ve built two seats in so you can share the Skyrider fun with a loved one. Feel the thrill as you’re lifted from a platform and to the back of the boat, then you go up, up, up and away right into the sky, blue and beautiful just like the Nichupté Lagoon below.

Sit back in comfort while gazing at the Caribbean’s breathtaking sites and get the best view of the Cancun hotels from way above. It’s guaranteed to be a safe and relaxing ride over Cancun, what more do you want?

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The Skyrider in Cancun Provides the Best Photo Opportunities!

While you’re roaming the sky, take the best photos of the Hotel Zone you can. And of course snap a few selfies! (Careful though, selfie sticks are not allowed on the ride because they could get entangled in the parasail).

Furthermore, you can choose to be dunked in the ocean on your way down from the parasail, how cool is that!

Imagine getting a bird’s eye view — or the viewpoint of a drone — as you soar over the lagoon. You might even see the AquaWorld marina from a great height. And, who knows, another fun experience might catch your eye. Will you try it out?

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Hoverboard Over the Ocean

The Skyrider in Cancun isn’t the only way to enjoy a view of the ocean from above. Try out the Hoverboard if you have an intrepid heart!

Hover 15 feet above the ocean at 25 miles per hour and enjoy the full speed of the wind and the ocean’s splash! Though it’s not the best one for taking photos, you can surely bring your GoPro and take a video of your awesome adventure. An extreme package awaits for those who love these types of activities.

Still feeling adventurous? Try the Jungle Tour!

This is a wild adventure for nature lovers. Start off by riding your two-person speed boat across Nichupté Lagoon. Then, navigate through channels and mangroves filled with wild life. This is the jungle after all, so be ready to feel the wilderness!

Afterward, keep driving until you hit the turquoise Caribbean Sea. So jump right in and snorkel with a variety of colorful fish in the world’s second largest coral reef, the Mesoamerican Reef.

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Most noteworthy, this is one of our many signature tours and nobody does the Jungle Tour better than AquaWorld. Because snorkeling in Cancun is one of the most beloved activitieslet us know if you’re ready to come experience the never ending beauty of the Mexican Caribbean!

—This post was originally published on October 19, 2015.

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