Snorkel, scuba diving, dolphins and more activities in Cozumel

Cozumel Island is perfect for a day trip and offers a host of attractions and activities like snorkel, scuba diving, dolphins and more.

Also it is a good option if you are looking to stay in one of the hotels for more than one day.

Cozumel Island is small but has lots to offer!

The island of Cozumel is 250 square miles and is located 90 km south of Cancun. The main way of getting to the island is by taking a ferry from Playa Del Carmen or by air. The island is flat and made up largely of jungle based on limestone.

There are underground cenotes on Cozumel but exploration is only available to certified cave divers. There are less complicated cenote dives in the Riviera Maya.

Whether it is relaxation, shopping, fun in the water or exploring that makes your vacation enjoyable, you’ll certainly find a wide variety of activities in Cozumel.

What are the best activities to do in Cozumel?

Cozumel diving

Of course the island is famous for scuba diving. There are about 11 main scuba sites just off the coast so when planning your Cozumel dive packages you can mix and match dive sites to ensure a diverse week of fun.

Dive resorts in Cozumel such as the Park Royal Hotel offer scuba facilities and this hotel is conveniently located beside Aquaworld’s dive shop on the island.

Diving in Cozumel is out of this world, with reefs such as Chankanaab, Palancar and Columbia to choose from you’re assured of an exquisite view of the natural reef formations, vibrant colors and diverse sea life.

Cozumel is famous for it’s wall dives to San Francisco and Santa Rosa where you will dive over the sheer drop to about 85ft – a wall of beauty that will leave you with life long memories.

Snorkeling in Cozumel

If scuba isn’t for you then you can snorkel on the shallower Paradise reef. This area didn’t earn its name for nothing.

As you float lazily over the stunning reef gardens and swim past brightly colored fish, you will feel like you’re in paradise. Let the stress wash away and the tension leave your body as this natural spa relaxes you during your Cozumel snorkel tour.

Swim with dolphins in Cozumel

This facility owned by Dolphinaris is beautifully designed so it blends in with the rocky inlet on the edge of the island. When you plan your dolphin swim in Cozumel you can choose from the Interactive program, Swim and Ride session or the Trainer for a Day.

All these activities provide some great interactions with the dolphins as you pet them, learn about their habits and participate in their play time.

A great activity for kids in Cozumel is the Sub See

Aquaword’s Sub See Explorer is an excellent activity for non-swimmers, children or simply for those who don’t want to get wet but would like to visit the underwater beauty of Cozumel.

The 30 minute narrated tour in our sub will take you on an exciting ride through the Paradise reef where you will certainly see hundreds of fish as well as the different formations of brain coral, staghorn, fan and many more. It’s likely a sea turtle will pop by to greet you as well.

Of course Aquaworld Marina offers all these activities so you don’t need to look further when planning your fun in Cozumel.

Whether you’re visiting just for the day, staying on the island or looking for a cruise ship tour in Cozumel, our variety of activities will keep you busy and we guarantee an awesome experience!