Snorkel through the incredible Underwater Museum of Art

MUSA is the biggest underwater museum of Art worldwide. It has over 500 different sculptures located in the stretch of water between Isla Mujeres and Cancun. Most of them are from an incredible collection called The Silent Evolution located in Manchones.

 What is The Silent Evolution?

With 400 life-sized sculptures of people, it is the largest underwater collection of art on earth. It took its creator, Jason Decaires, 18 months and 120 tons of marine cement to complete this masterpiece.

Despite the greatness of the sculptures and all the hard work Jason and his team put in creating The Silent Evolution, he says it is still a work in process. It will be finished once it is covered with algae, sponges and corals.

The Art of Preservation

The idea of MUSA was born when its founders noticed how human activity directly affected the coral reefs, especially the ones in Manchones. So their solution was to create an artificial reef to draw people’s attention from natural ones.

This articifial reef had to be attractive for both people and corals so they created beautiful statues with special concrete. This concrete is called marine cement and has a neutral PH which promotes the growth of corals and lasts for hundreds of years.

Over the years the underwater museum has become the biggest artificial coral reef in the world. Their sculptures are now covered with green, brown and red algae, a variety of sponges and corals. Schools of Grey and French Angelfish, Butterfly fish, Doctor fish, Damselfish and Sergeant Major use it for food and shelter.

Snorkeling in the Underwater Museum

Snorkeling in this unique museum will allow you to behold a perfect scene: The captivating statues covered by corals, sponges and algae, the rays of sun illuminating the sculptures, and the schools of all kinds of fish passing through. And you won’t even have to carry heavy equipment or to take classes beforehand like when diving.

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