Snorkeling in Cancun: Tips for Beginners

Without a doubt, the best advice that a beginner in diving can receive comes from the experts and here we share the best ones so that you can take advantage of your practice of snorkeling in Cancun.

Snorkeling is the perfect way to discover the world under the sea, the aquatic natural wonders are kept within the ocean and are waiting for you to dive to be discovered. Also, did you know that it has multiple health benefits?
The secret for your Cancun snorkeling experience to be successful is to be calm and relaxed, breathe as you normally would, practice will make you a master, pay attention to the experts.

Experts recommend that beginners enjoy the experience and do not think too much about what they are doing, however continue reading that we have the best tips to make snorkeling in Cancun the best.

Use the mask correctly

One of the most important and undoubtedly the best tips is: Fit the mask correctly to your face, it is essential that the mask is held and gives you the freedom to breathe as you normally do.Avoid air leaks, make sure it fits perfectly and not have hair that hinders the mask to seal properly. If you have a mustache or beard then apply a bit of lip balm so that the lip balm sticks to your face, if possible to shave. Much better. You should also adjust the strap correctly to the wide area of ​​the head towards the upper back. The water should apply enough pressure to seal the mask, so you can do tests by the hand of the expert who is instructing you until is positioned perfectly.

Perfect fins for snorkeling in Cancun

The choice of fins must be correct, since they must fit correctly without feeling tight, remember that the water has pressure and if the fins hurt you, they may crush your fingers or even feel cramps, then your snorkeling experience would not be pleasant. in Cancun. The fins should slide easily with both feet wet and you should not feel any discomfort in your feet.

Performance of 10

For your performance to be ideal, you must have goggles that do not fog, if you do not have this equipment then you must do a cleaning with antibacterial gel, crushed leaves or even baby shampoo, this cleaning, believe it or not, is a tip that It will give you more hours of snorkeling in Cancun.

Practice your breathing

It is normal that when you know that you will do a dive, your mind automatically feels the need to breathe in a different way, to avoid feeling anguish, put on the mask with the snorkel and breathe through the snorkel out of the water, do not bite the snorkel, only support the teeth or the jaw, if you bite the tube you will end up sore.

Know your limits

One of the best tips that we can share with you to do snorkeling in Cancun is that you are willing to enjoy the experience knowing your limitations, there is no reason for you to push your limits when practicing snorkeling in Cancun, as you practice the skills change until you acquire more experience.

A beginner snorkeling should be relaxed and observing any reaction of his body, in addition to observing his surroundings, the temperature of the water, swell currents and the visibility of the water. Having a relaxed attitude will make the experience less threatening, on the contrary. The experience will be enjoyed in all its splendor.

If you already feel ready to start your snorkeling adventure in Cancun, we leave you some incredible options.