Snorkeling in Holbox, a great experience

Snorkeling in Holbox is an activity not to be missed if you visit the island. And if it is the season ofwhale shark, You can practice it with them too!

TIP: If you want to visit the whale shark, we recommend you take a tour departing from Cancun because from there it is faster to find it.

The island of Holbox offers you simply exciting things, from a walk through the center of the island where you can walk barefoot without any problem.

Very rich places where you can enjoy the local gastronomy fused with the international one, enjoy its flora and fauna all the time, as well as its warm climate in the best hotels.

If you are visiting the island, the first activity to do on the list is snorkeling in Holbox. The island offers you different attractions.


Its virgin beaches cover 36 kilometers of pure white sand, crystal clear jade green water and birds that fly over the fauna to give it a scene out of a book.

Most of its beaches are so low that the water can reach a little higher than your heels. You can take a horse ride if you wish, the island’s merchants will advise you to enjoy this experience.

In its deepest beaches you can practice the best snorkeling in Holbox, always accompanied by an expert or a local who knows well the safest places to practice snorkeling, never put your life at risk.

Passion Island and Bird Island

These are islets that are located 15 and 30 minutes respectively from Holbox Island. The first island offers the opportunity to feel like a tropical hermit or a castaway at will. The island envelops you in a quite pleasant and romantic atmosphere, it is the destination that you should give a couple of hours if you are in Holbox, ideal to escape from everyday life.

On the second islet, Pájaros Island, you cannot disembark because endangered species inhabit it, but you can take a boat tour all around it and thus contemplate the birds in their natural habitat, we find birds such as : ducks, flamingos, pelicans and some endangered species.

We can also see iguanas, snakes and even crabs, the walk is short so take as many photos as you can.

Swim with the Whale Shark Tour

Holbox is known for being the sanctuary of thewhale shark, which is the largest fish in the world, since it can measure up to 18 meters. Another characteristic of the whale shark apart from their size are their spots, by which they are recognized since they all have a different pattern.

The whale shark visits the island from May to September. The island is a promising place for this species, since its waters are pleasant to the body of the whale shark and the amount of plankton in the area is sufficient to feed.

Surely snorkeling in Holbox next to a whale shark is something you don’t want to miss if you visit the island. The whale shark is a docile and gentle species, which makes it easier for swimmers to approach.We recommend taking vitamin B a week before visiting Holbox Island because due to its climate and environment, at dusk the mosquitoes attack and the Vitamin B will help to lessen the discomfort.