Snorkeling or diving in Cancun, which one do you prefer?

It is likely that if you travel to Cancun you want to do water activities to enjoy in all its splendor the waters of this majestic place and the species that inhabit it, snorkeling or diving may be one of the options.

Difference between diving and snorkeling

If you want to practice any of these activities, you must first know what the differences are and so you can choose the activity that best meets your needs.


Diving is also considered scuba diving and consists of diving into the water with the help of a system that helps breathing under water.

Among the most used devices is the diving suit autonomous, this is a feeder for one or several compressed air bottles, this technology depends on a regulator that allows reducing the high air pressure to reduce the water pressure, in this way the practitioner can breathe normally without depending on cables or tubes.

Diving must be carried out at a minimum depth of 40 metersIt must be done with the necessary equipment; fins, professional visor, vest and oxygen tanks; the number of tanks depends on the number of meters deep where the diving.

Diving experience

Depending on the depth and the tour you develop, it is necessary to have some experience, but it is not essential to know about diving. If it is the first time you do this activity, you only need to follow the recommendations of the instructors and experts to the letter.

Diving modalities

There are different types of diving, free diving or apnea which consists of making the descent to the depths of the sea with free lungs, the brave who practice this type of diving do so without traditional diving equipment.

On the other hand, autonomous diving is done with the use of professional equipment to be able to dive much deeper.

Both modalities fall within the recreational diving category.


This way of submerging is a superficial practice, which helps to move in the water with the appropriate equipment; only have a visor, fins and a snorkel (hence the name) and can be done by anyone who can swim and has excellent physical conditions.

It is essential that the visor or mask is placed in the correct way, otherwise its function is not carried out, as a recommendation before placing it, moisten your hair, remove it from your face and make sure you do not have any hair, if this happens water could seep in. The main purpose of snorkeling is to observe the seabed from the same surface while continuously breathing through the snorkel.

To carry out this practice it is not necessary to have previous knowledge and it can be practiced by anyone of any age.

Aquaworld has a couple of tours so that you enjoy diving or snorkeling depending on what you want to practice, so after this differentiation you will surely know what water activity you want to practice.