What makes us a Socially Responsible Company?

In Aquaworld we are proud of everything that led us to become a Socially Responsible Company. This is why we invite you to learn about our journey towards gaining the CSR distinctive.

First the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) distinctive is given to those organizations compromised with improving their environment. Which, according to Expok, generates economical, social and environmental benefits to its participants. CSR is divided in four pilars: business ethics, quality of life, environment and social development.

Now that you know the basics, let’s talk about the actions that make us a socially responsible company. Starting with our most important practice; the Annual Nizuc Canal Cleanup. Thanks to it we received the Best CSR Practices of 2016 award, in the category of Environment Care and Preservation by CEMEFI Mexico.

Twentieth Nizuc Canal Cleanup

Since 1997, we’ve been cleaning this beautiful canal once a year. The last time was on October 18th, 2017 around 5:30 a.m. and it consisted of two teams; one by water and one by land. The water team used their snorkel gear to spot the trash and remove it. While the other group helped pick up all of the garbage found on the shore.

Each team member had a mesh bag to collect the materials found. Some of those were PET, glass, cans, etc. As the bags began to fill, many watercrafts began to arrive and take them. Once inside the boats, the materials were divided into groups to be recycled.

We collected 427.5 kilos!

Our compromise with the environment continues. We send a big thank you to everyone that has helped us clean the Nizuc Canal. And we invite you to keep fighting to maintain the beauty of our home Cancun, Quintana Roo.

Socially Responsible Company 2018

Just like in the last few years, this May we received the ESR distinctive again. We take pride on it because it is the result of the actions we take towards the environment, common benefit, life quality and ethics.

Update: Aquaworld among SUPER COMPANIES

Being part of the ‘TOP Companies 2018’ is a recognition with a high degree of credibility, in which our cultural and organizational environment are represented.  Our company core values include passion, perseverance, unity, congruence, and innovation which is strongly represented within  Aquaworld’s team members.   This has created a culturally powerful company and a great family.