The Sub See: A Unique, Personalized Caribbean Experience

AquaWorld remains the only company in the Mexican Caribbean to provide one particularly special, personalized experience.

It involves visiting the underwater world — without immersing your body in the water.
Must be the Sub See Explorer, a boat with a glass bottom that shows a great view of the Punta Nizuc reef and all its sea creatures.

‘It’s a really unique activity,’ said Luis Enríquez, operations manager at the AquaWorld marina. ‘It’s the only activity in which you don’t have to get wet.’

Enríquez described the Sub See as an air conditioned submarine that doesn’t submerge itself completely.
As such, there is total comfort to observe the dynamic marine life of the Mesoamerican Reef System in the Caribbean.
This is the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere, and the second largest on the planet.
Additionally, the Sub See is an activity suitable for the whole family, from children to seniors.


A view of the underwater view from inside the Sub See.



One of the many MUSA sculptures that encourage coral growth to preserve the Mesoamerican Reef System. All Sub See tours begin when a boat picks up passengers from the AquaWorld marina in the Cancun Hotel Zone.
Next, the boat heads south through the beautiful Nichupte Lagoon until arriving at Punta Nizuc, which borders the Caribbean Sea.
Then, the guests walk from the boat to the Sub See, and descend toward the glass bottom.
They’re immediately rewarded with an optimal view of the Mesoamerican Reef System.
Also, they can see one of the halls of the magnificent Cancun Underwater Art Museum (MUSA).
Its sculptures create a space for the Caribbean coral to grow freely.
‘People are very attracted to that part of MUSA, and along with the combination of seeing fish, turtles, reef and a lot of coral, they get to view the growing number of sculptures in that hall,’ Enríquez emphasized.



The top part of the Sub See. From here, our guests go down some stairs toward the glass bottom. The AquaWorld team has excelled at taking a wonderful Caribbean tour like the Sub See and improving upon it further.
Nowadays, Enríquez said, the journey on the Sub See has become even more personalized.
‘We now have people who, right from the start, help with check-in and there is more contact with the guests so they can be more attentive,’ he added.
Plus, he emphasized that a single tour guide accompanies the customers from the boat in the Nichupte Lagoon to the Sub See at Punta Nizuc.
The tour guide gives information throughout the trip regarding the history and unmatched biology of these bodies of water.
Additionally, the guide assists the customers with drinks and other accommodations to ensure a comfortable journey.
If you’re interested in feeling the magic aboard the Sub See, feel free to write or call us.
We’ll be happy to tell you how you can experience the underwater universe of the Mexican Caribbean reef.

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