Summer Travel To The Yucatan Peninsula

Many tourists visit Cancun city during the winters, mostly, to get away from the freezing cold, but unknown to many, Cancun is as good a place to be visited during the summer. Which is why we recommend a summer travel to the Yucatan Peninsula! 

The best part is that everything is at a discount. Can you imagine spending your time in a beautiful beach, taking part in all the fun activities and being a part of cultural celebrations of the Mexicans all at the same time? Well, no you don’t have to sit and imagine because you can get all of this by coming to the Yucatan Peninsula during the summer.

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Festivals in Yucatán Peninsula

Yucatán peninsula, specially Cancún is known for its wild and amazing parties and festivals! Check out these few ones we’ve listed below, they’ll make your Summer Travel to Yucatan Peninsula very fun!

Navy Day (1st June)

This day is celebrated throughout Mexico with immense joy. Cities celebrate is in their own way with parades, competitions (sailing mostly), fireworks at night and parties.

Celebrating Saint John, the Baptist (24th June)

It is believed that St. John was born on this day. Throughout Mexico people celebrate this day by dunking people into water and other fun activities done with water.

Whale Shark Festival (18th-24th July)

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This is a festival celebrated in order to spread awareness and knowledge about these majestic creatures. People gather at the beaches to eat, have fun and celebrate the whale sharks. You can take a dive to witness these creatures from close by.

Cancun Music Festival (August 28th-1st September)

This is a four-day music festival where DJs from around the world will be some of the best music genres. This is the place you should be in the summer.

Turtle nesting season

Summer is also the time for turtle nesting season, every year, in Riviera Maya. This is the time when mother turtles lay their eggs on the beach and after the eggs hatch, the baby turtles make their way to the sea. It is a big and widely talked about event. Because of their chances of becoming an extinct species due to poaching, the government of Mexico and various other organizations have taken initiatives to protect them from harm.

Not just turtles, but Isla Mujeres also celebrates whale Whale Sharks, as mentioned above. If you are looking to spend some time doing water sports activities, what better time to come to Cancun than the summer?

Deals, deals everywhere for your summer travel to the Yucatan Peninsula!

Since many people travel to the Yucatan Peninsula during the summer, you can avail some good deals the area is offering. Starting from the airfare to the hotel rents, almost everything is at a discount.
The weather of the peninsula may seem like a pretty hot one to those who don’t know much about this place. The climate of Cancun and the surrounding islands keeps changing, partly sunny at times and rainy at other times.

Though the temperature here does not rise too much, if you still want to avoid it, then go through the weather forecast details of Cancun before booking your trip.

Packing for your summer travel to Yucatan Peninsula

Like any other summer trip, pack all the things you feel are essential, including sunscreen lotions and bathing suits. Pack umbrellas too, because the weather here is that much unpredictable.
Weather Cancun – this blog may be if interest in order to find out the typical weather conditions in Cancun.

Also, if you are a scuba diving enthusiast, we offer so many tours and activities that you will be amazed. Check it out!