Swim with dolphins: A beneficial experience

Interaction with dolphins It has become very popular in recent years, but what is it that attracts us so much about this activity with these beautiful mammals?

Dolphins have been shown to be highly sensitive, friendly and highly intelligent mammals.
This is because its brain is larger in proportion to its body, that is why it is the only animal that has a certain self-awareness, which makes it experience complex emotions and even have a sense of humor like us human beings. Actually, that is the reason why these beautiful sea creatures can have such a connection with people.

Effective communication with dolphins

These cetaceans have shown excellent communication with each other and a quick understanding of human communication, positioning themselves as one of the favorite marine animals in water parks, and thanks to that, swimming with dolphins has become a real experience. exciting, fun and comforting, because swimming with dolphins has become a very pleasant and beneficial therapy for everyone, since the ultrasonic waves emitted by dolphins generate endorphins and substances, which encourage the proper functioning of both brain hemispheres of the dolphins. Humans.

For that reason, being able to swim with dolphins is an incredible and totally unique option. If you doubt, every opportunity to swim with these beautiful creatures should not be missed. It is also important to remember that in addition to the therapeutic benefits offered by swimming with dolphins, being able to feel and interact with marine animals is one of the best experiences that anyone would like to live, besides that this manages to demonstrate the great value that these beautiful mammals have and the care that they must be taken.

Swimming with dolphins is more than therapy

In addition to reducing pain and strengthening the immune system, swimming with dolphins transmits incredible tranquility to people with anxiety problems.

They are specialists in treating children with Down syndrome, since they manage to increase children’s cognitive learning through therapy, and also optimize the teaching processes in children with autism.

Its way of benefiting people in special conditions is achieved by harmonizing both hemispheres and providing a state of great relaxation, who would not wish to be able to relax while swimming with dolphins refreshed?

In addition, swimming with dolphins also promotes the confidence of these beautiful beings such as children and adults, thus eliminating the fear of animals of any species.

That is why Aquaworld has for you a 5-hour package in which you can enjoy this incredible experience, you can swim with dolphins, and also have a delicious breakfast and lunch, as well as the different activities that are had under water such as Foot push, Boogie Push, Belly Ride and paint.

You can also enjoy the interactive program of swimming with dolphins, so that you can enjoy the marine life to the fullest accompanied by these beautiful creatures, you can even take a certificate of swimming with dolphins and a couple of incredible photographs so that you always remember this comforting experience.