Swim with dolphins, enjoy it on your vacation

The swimming with dolphins can turn one of your vacation days into the best experience, these divine mammals have habits that you must know, characteristics that will surprise you and most importantly, you must know how to take care of them while you play with them.

Aquaworld has several packages for your whole family to live an incredible experience of swimming with dolphins.

Swimming with dolphins for a day

This package offers a full day of swimming with dolphins, starting with a delicious breakfast, a tour of the facilities and training so that you know the behavior of this beautiful mammal, the preparation of its food, reproduction programs and how the breeding is carried out. of the dolphins.

If you stay at any of the hotels in the Riviera maya and it is possible that you do any of the different activities that this dolphin swim package has, you can choose between Foot push, Boogie push, Y Belly Ride.

There are five hours a day that offer you a total interaction with the dolphins, while you go hand in hand with the guides so that you live the daily activities and the private dolphin swim session is unforgettable.

In addition to a delicious breakfast, a meal full of energy and all the drinks to rehydrate you.

Swim program with dolphins

This activity of Aquaworld It is full of good vibes, lots of love and kisses since the dolphins are the main hosts.

Swimming with dolphins in this activity reinforces the relationship of human beings with intelligent dolphins, thanks to the contact that is fostered in swimming with dolphins in this activity … Really beautiful!

The famous Foot Push or belly swim are activities that the beautiful dolphins perform, besides showing their strength with a gentle touch on the soles of their feet while pushing you through the water of the aquarium.

This activity has a duration of one hour in any of the available parks in Cancun or Riviera Maya, it is just a matter of choosing which park you prefer to visit and that’s it.

Swim with dolphins for half a day

This program offers half a day of fun and activities, the swim with dolphins in the Riviera Maya takes place precisely in Puerto Aventuras You have several options for swimming, among which 5 different ones stand out.

Foot push

This activity consists of being propelled from the feet by the dolphin’s dorsal fin, an experience that requires confidence in this beautiful species.

Swing and Ride

Have fun practicing swimming with dolphins in a personal way around the lagoon including the belly swim with these mammals.


Enjoy snorkeling with dolphins, admire the beauty and freshness with which they live in their underwater world.

Interaction and knowledge

This activity is perfect for children and people with special abilities, since the interaction with dolphins it is beneficial for them and helps to radiate confidence in the little ones; kisses, hugs and caresses in shallow waters give a very fun experience to the little ones in the house


This activity consists of surfing in the lagoon while being propelled by a dolphin, you will feel the adrenaline and great fun guaranteed for the little ones and not so little ones in the house.Do not forget to live this incredible experience and choose the option that is closest to your travel itinerary, you will definitely enjoy it.