Take a break and choose your favorite aquatic activity in Cancun

If you are on a business trip or vacation, or to relax or have an adventure, Cancun is the ideal place for any reason.

There are many different options for fun here, if you love being in the water, in this paradise you can find a wide range of water activities, from riding a sailing boat and paragliding to going at high speed in a boat and sailing like an expert. . Check out these options we have for you and your friends.


Learn to surf the best waves and challenge your friends to see who can stay on the board the longest and show off their surfing skills. The FlowRider at Aquaworld offers a safe and fun experience, in addition, it is suitable for all ages, you just have to be a fan of excitement and adventure, they will have such a good time they will want to stay all day!


Get ready to feel the adrenaline rush aboard a speedboat and experience 270 ° turns. The Aquatwister is an impressive activity that can only be experienced with Aquaworld. This fast boat is perfect for those who love adrenaline, so we guarantee that you will scream the most. So get ready for the dip!


Fly through the sky in the Skyrider! Hold on tight and take off from the platform, the sloping track provides an extra boost of speed. Admire the beautiful beaches of Cancun while you are flying at several meters high, without a doubt this will be a new perspective to enjoy the glistening sand and the impressive resorts.


This is by far the most fun activity and the most exciting adventure in Cancun and the Riviera Maya. The moment you feel that you get up on the water, you will understand why it is the sensation in this beautiful destination. Flyboard may seem a bit extreme, but it isn’t, it’s perfect for all ages!


People will gasp as they watch you fly through the sky, spinning and winding on a board propelled by nothing more and nothing less than the unique power of water. If you are looking to fly 30 feet high as ‘Iron Man’ or swim like a dolphin, this is the option.In Aquaworld you will find the perfect water activity for your next visit to Cancun, do not think twice, travel now and live one unforgettable adventure.

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