Take a tour in Holbox and fall in love with its beauty

Choose which tour in Holbox you want to practice to enjoy this paradisiacal place full of tranquility, beauty and adventure.

When you set foot on the island of Holbox for the first time, you feel that you are discovering something magical, something very special that this place keeps.

Name Holbox It means black hole in Mayan something that is very strange since it is a place full of life, with green colors in the trees and a beautiful turquoise blue in the crystalline waters that surround the island.

Choose theHolbox tour that you like the most since they exist for adrenaline lovers even for those who prefer tranquility and silence, this small island has it all.

In Holbox we can find the peace that at some point in the journey between the work of life we ​​have lost, enjoy the natural beauty that we can find here.
Holbox only has an area of ​​40 kilometers long and 2 wide where almost 34 kilometers are of beach on the north side.A tour in Holbox that you cannot miss is to contemplate nature on the way to Bird Island, where despite Since it does not have access for visitors, you can admire the beauty of the birds from its two viewpoints.

This little place is home to flamingos, pelicans, herons, and other endangered species, as well as iguanas, crabs, and snakes.

Although if you are thinking of visiting the island with your partner then you have to go to Pasión Island which is only 10 minutes by boat from Holbox, it is perfect for those who seek the tranquility of a virgin beach.

If you wish, you can enjoy the sunset on the beach with the pleasure of being in a hammock rocking while enjoying your favorite drink, you will surely feel light as a feather.The main tours in Holbox that you can take are the following:


Holbox Island has mangroves with channels that connect the sea with the lagoon, here a great diversity of flora and fauna is concentrated.

These mangroves are home to many species such as flamingos, white herons, ibis, cormorants and roseate spoonbills, as well as being completely surrounded by colorful trees of different types.This Holbox tour is perfect for those who like to explore and learn more about nature, The best way to enter the mangroves is in a kayak, the islanders will surely be able to help you.

Explore the island

On the island you will find very few cars since it is very small, they are not needed so much, the main means of transport used is the bicycle.

Although if you prefer you can walk through the center, but if you decide to go to explore the surroundings you can rent bicycles, ATVs and golf carts to go as far as you like.The best way to discover the island is by taking a tour in Holbox where you be your own guide, dare to explore and find the best places to spend moments full of peace and tranquility.In the center there are many restaurants that offer different alternatives to eat traditional food from the peninsula, local food and some fusion of international chefs that are they fell in love with the island.

Swim with the whale shark

This is the tour that characterizes the island, it is the best known and undoubtedly the most fascinating.In the season from June to September you can practice snorkeling with the largest fish in the world: the whale shark.

This fish is a gigantic fish since it reaches up to 18 meters, but despite its exuberant size it is a gentle and docile species, that is why it is very easy and pleasant to swim with it.Enjoy the most of your visit in Holbox, We are sure you will not regret it.