Take care and keep the Cancun beach clean

Relaxing on the beach in Cancun, sunbathing and enjoying the day with the family is one of the activities that anyone loves; We love beach days so much that today we will show you how to take care of and keep clean the beach that you like so much.

Did you know that in 2015 more than 5.250 million pieces of plastic arrived in the oceans? There is a lot of debris that runs on the surface of the ocean and kills more than 220,000 species of marine life a year, unfortunately this number is growing.

Thanks to technology we can know all the damage we do to the oceans, turtles with large injuries and deformities thanks to the plastics discarded in their natural habitat, birds intoxicated by plastics that accidentally ate and the list goes on and on, but we don’t want to to sadden anyone, the goal is to create awareness.

If we want to avoid this type of situation and that the beach of any city continues to be so beautiful, we must respect the natural habitat.

In the case of the Cancun beach and the beaches of the Riviera Maya, care must be extreme because the coral reefs that live there need to be safe and sound so we can continue to enjoy these works of art of nature.

Avoid plastic if you visit the Cancun beach

Keep all types of plastic containers or bags away from the beaches is one of the main tips so that during your visit to the beach in Cancun you help take care of this delightful place in the Caribbean Sea
If you plan your visit to the beach in Cancun then you can bring the recycled bags that will ensure the protection of the ocean with this simple action. Carrying your snacks in reusable containers and bags and in those same take the waste will help the fauna and flora of the exquisite ocean.

Help while you walk

You may decide to take a walk on the beach in Cancun and surely as you walk you will find a plastic bottle contaminating the beach, take it and throw it away; We know that it is impossible to collect everything you see on the beach, but if you want to support this simple action with your “grain of sand”, it will help protect that beach that we like so much.

Small details, big changes

There are many of us who visit the beaches around the world, and among all of us we can make big changes with small details, a good example; Take your drinks in reusable bottles or if you prefer you can go to a beach club and eat the food and drinks that they offer you there, so you will not dispose of garbage on the beach.

If you walk at night …

If you are one of those who loves to appreciate the ocean and the stars with that special person, then you should take care of the Cancun beach as well or with greater reason, try not to leave anything that the sea can take and affect its marine nature.

Regarding pets

It is possible that your pet is the happiest when it reaches the sea and enjoys it even more than yourself, however these beautiful animals sometimes leave some gifts that you must collect to avoid getting dirty or dirtying someone else.

We hope that your next visit to the Cancun beach will be with all the precautions and that you will help us to continue taking care of and keeping clean this beautiful place that the earth lends us.