Are you ready for adventure? Get your gear ready 'cause we're going on a snorkeling in isla mujeres trip right now! 

Say you're a sun lover? That's great, this tour will be perfect for you! This tour is also great for families so if you've got your children with you, get ready for a family day of fun.

It all begins as you board the ferry to Isla Mujeres, at 9am sharp we're ready for the party! On board, you'll find water, soda and some alcoholic beverages that our crew will gladly prepare for you on our way to our snorkeling in isla mujeres day, so sit back and enjoy the ride while you enjoy the view.

Snorkeling in Isla Mujeres Reefs

Upon arrival, we'll take you on the adventure you signed up for! Snorkeling in isla mujeres. Take a swim among a huge variety of fish, gaze at the resting starfish on the oceanbed and wave as sea turtles swim by you. The coral reef surrounding isla mujeres is worldy known for its exquisit colors and grand beauty.

There's an amazing underwater world to discover on Isla Mujeres coral reef gardens, shallow and crystal clear waters await for you on this trip, so you'll basically be having fun all day on paradise, which is what we love to do!

Not to forget, that MUSA the underwater museum also has some of its exhibit along Isla Mujeres, which is actually very good! Lots of statues representing the hardwork of worldly known artists protect these waters and also give home to many coral reef formations and of course, marine life fauna.

Isla Mujeres is a very beautiful and peaceful Caribbean hotspot that's directily across Bahia de Mujeres, Bay of Women, from Cancun - Laid back waters and tranquil currents create the perfect environment for anyone who wishes to snorkel, regardless of age. Fill your day with this amazing and colorful experience that awaits just beneath the surface of Isla Mujeres.

The Island, a stunning beauty

A perfect way to relax and enjoy the island is to take advantage of the beach club. Relax on a beachbed with a delicious drink! We'll take care of food, so by the end of your snorkeling tour,  you can catch your breath again, chill, take photos on the island and eat so you recover your energy
After eating, we'll take you out to town! Isla Mujeres is very popular for its local markets which sell artistry, handmade jewelry, silver and many many cute little souvenirs that are also very cheap.
Spend an hour or more getting to know the streets of Isla Mujeres, again take your photos, get to know the place, it's wonderful!

Around 4pm, we'll be heading back to Cancun, so we hop aboard the ferry again and once more, all those delicious drinks you had on your way to Isla Mujeres will be there for you on our way back. Either stay on deck and chill or go on the top floor to keep on partying! Sunlight and our entretainment team plus your drinks and we're ready to keep on going through our amazing vacations.

Once in Cancun, you're off to continue your adventure around Cancun! However, if you're interested in some more water sports or snorkeling or perhaps even diving, don't hesitate to give us a shout, we'll fix everything for you so you can just keep enjoying yourself, after all, you are on vacations!