Take the SDI Diving Instructor Course in Cancun

With the SDI Diving Instructor Course you will be able to turn your hobby into a profession. Learn all the details of this course that will lead you to a successful career in diving.

The level of SDI InstructorIt is one of the most important steps as a Diving professional. It not only represents the opportunity to work on the most beautiful beaches in Mexico. But also the power to share the passion for diving with others.

What is the SDI Dive Instructor Course?

In this course, you will have the opportunity to delve into why and how people learn, the common barriers associated with learning, and how to overcome those obstacles. You will also see the teaching of the SDI philosophy and how it works, risk management and its application. Likewise, new ways to market and sell diving successfully.

SDI Dive Instructor Course Modules

During this course you will have six modules that will help you become a diving professional. The first is the planning course, followed by the promotion – marketing course. You will then be taught to plan and teach the academic, confined water, and open water sessions. Finally, you will know what you need to know for an efficient management of attendees. Important note: You can take the course from April 29 to May 5, or from September 2 to 8, 2018.

SDI Diving Instructor Course Evaluation

Once the SDI Diving Instructor Course is finished, you must present your evaluation. In it you will demonstrate everything you have learned in the following subjects: physics, physiology, environment, diving techniques and equipment. To start your career as a dive instructor, you must first prove that you are an expert in:

  • Preparation and development of academic sessions
  • Presentation in confined waters
  • Open water presentation
  • Risk management, emergencies and rescue
  • Assessment of 34 skills at the professional level
  • Physical tests (swimming and water skills)

Important note: You can take the evaluations on May 7 and 8 or on September 10 and 11, 2018.

After the SDI Dive Instructor Course

The best thing about the course is that you will find that there are many opportunities to grow as an SDI Instructor. The number of programs that an SDI Instructor can teach is great. And if that wasn’t enough, at Aquaworld we have a job open for our candidates. Go ahead and take the course and make the sea your next office with our special promotion:

Important note: The cost of the exam and membership to SDI is direct payment to the examiner and has a cost of USD $ 480