The 4 best reefs to visit in Cancun

One of the most amazing natural creations given by its colorful beauty and its marine diversity are the best reefs to visit in Cancun.

Unforgettable natural settings are interspersed with hundreds of specimens of turtles, snails, lobsters, dolphins and thousands of species that make the region unique.

The Great Mayan Reef, which unfolds in the coastal area of ​​the Riviera Maya and Cancun, enables dive and snorkel through the most beautiful coral colony shows.Corral reefs are the basis of the most amazing marine lifeand beautiful natural creations. The reefs of the Mexican Caribbean are among the oldest on our planet. The Mesoamerican Reef is the largest in the northern hemisphere and the second most important in the world, after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Here are C the 4 best reefs to visit in Cancun

Manchones Reef

14 kilometers from the coast of Cancun, and located southwest of the Women Island, is the Manchones reef. Is coral formation it is one kilometer long and its depth is approximately 10 meters.

The practice of diving, with some previous knowledge, and snorkeling is recommended to appreciate the various colorful fish, snails,stingrays and the most diverse underwater life that is complemented there.

The Punta Nizuc reef

Located near Boulevard Kukulcán, at the southern end of Cancun, on the Punta Nizuc reef there are the most beautiful corals due to the shallow and warm waters, you can also have excellent visibility, where you can appreciate the abundance of marine life from through the snorkeling activity.

This reef is also home to a statue of the underwater museum (MUSA) under water created by artist Jason Taylor de Caires, the sculpture is called ‘The Gardener of Hope‘, depicting a young man lying in a coral’ garden ‘.

Reef Flags

Located south of the Manchones reef is the Banderas formation. This atoll is made up of uneven terrain, reaching a depth of twelve meters, it is also a place rich in sponges, coral and frequented by mollusks, anemones and various crustaceans.In the shallower areas of the Banderas reef you can find sergeant fish, while those who inquire into its depths through the diving practice, they can find more infinities of marine animals.

San Toribio Reef

East of the bay of Cancun we find the San Toribio reef, a place abundant in manta rays and turtles. The depth reaches a maximum of 16 meters, usually having a moderate current on its seabed. The formations are usually low, with irregular shapes, but composed of “sea fans” and multicolored sponges.