The 5 most interesting beaches in the world

There are wonderful nature beaches that surprise with their incredible structure, color, sand or colors of the sea.

The most beautiful beaches in the world

There are beaches in different countries that are undoubtedly a delight for the eyes, but this time, we have selected 5 of the most interesting so that now you can choose the best place to spend your dream vacation.

Wharariki Beach, Southern Ireland

This beach is located in the south of New Zealand, its access is only on foot and you must walk about 20 minutes to reach this natural beauty. This beach is called “heaven on earth” because it is a beach without sand and the crystal clear water floods the coast, it is surrounded by rocks with incredible structures.

Maho Beach, Netherlands Antilles

This beach is considered the most dangerous in the world, this “title” has been earned by the proximity it has to the Princess Juliana International Airport, you may wonder, what does this have to do with it? Because the beach is very close to the airport. Thousands of Boeing 747 planes land daily on the airport runways, but not before passing approximately 20 to 25 meters from the heads of tourists, even so it is a beach that receives adventurous tourists.

Jökulsárlon Beach, Iceland

This beach is very different from the ones you will find in the rest of the world, since on one side it has black volcanic sand, the fascinating thing is that it makes a beautiful contrast with the ice in the area, this ice comes from the glacier that it has the same name as the beach.

The glacier is separated from the beach by a few meters, in order to get there there are special transports to get there without breaking the ice.

Koekohe Beach, New Zealand

This New Zealand beach is located 40 km south of Oamaru, if you plan to walk to the shore of the beach you can find various spherical rocks that can be between half a meter up to two and a half meters in size and can weigh up to seven tons.

According to traditions, these stones are sacred and are protected within the natural reserve domain, the truth of these rocks is that they are a natural phenomenon, they are the accumulation of calicos remains that were formed about 65 million years ago.

Isla Contoy Beach, Quintana Roo

We chose this wonder because it is practically a natural pool, its waters are so shallow and calm that thousands of tourists fall in love.

The island is just 8.75 kilometers long and about 500 meters wide, it is ideal for walking and exploring on the beach, in addition the sand is so fine and clear that you can walk without any problem.This island is regulated to avoid receiving more tourists of those who are necessary, a day it can only receive 200 visitors, so there are few privileged people who come to this beautiful beach.

Surely you must have been impressed with the beauty of these beaches, and it is worth noting that for these Christmas dates you enjoy these incredible beaches in the company of your family and friends, or also perform tours to live the experience to the fullest.

Do not forget that although they have not been mentioned, Cancun beaches They are one of the most recognized and beautiful for their crystal clear waters, without a doubt, your walks will be the most incredible if you decide to travel to Cancun.