The Absolute Best Activities in Cancun for Kids

Are you about to visit Cancun with your little ones and you want to know which activities could be fun for them? Here we’ll tell you the absolute best activities in Cancun for kids.

Visit the beach
Cancun has lots of beautiful beaches with fine white sand and turquoise water. We could well say that it is a piece of heaven on earth, a heaven that children have well deserved.

Just don’t forget to bring a shovel and bucket to make sandcastles, a frisbee and biodegradable sunscreen to protect them from the sun. You can find those items in convenience stores throughout the hotel zone.

The best beaches in Cancun for children are: Playa Langosta (Km 5), Playa Tortugas (Km 6.5) and Playa Caracol (Km 8.5). They all are known for their calm waves and shallow areas.

Go on a Submarine

If we know anything about children, it is that they’re very curious. That’s why they’ll love the Subsee Explorer. It is a yellow submarine with glass windows that let everyone admire the bottom of the sea.

The tour is accompanied by a guide who explains to the children the species of fish and coral that they see. It also tells them where and when to turn so they do not miss anything exciting.

The best thing is that there is no minimum age for this beautiful ride that entertains both parents and children. This means that even babies are welcome on board!

Jump on an obstacle course

Children love inflatables – this is a universal fact. That’s why they put them in every kids party… Now imagine how crazy they go with inflatables in the water!

The Aquabounce is an ideal activity for children as it is safe and exciting at the same time. It consists of several obstacles such as slides, stairs and more. Even the big ones have fun in this inflatable circuit.

The best part is that you can stay as long as you want from 9:00 to 5:00. With the pleasant atmosphere and the nearby snack bars, the hours go by flying!

Fly in zip lines over the lagoon

Zip lining is probably the most exciting activity in Cancun for kids. And the ones in Parque Maya are 65 feet high and connect in 5 towers.In addition to the zip lines, there are also 6 rope challenges suspended 21 feet from the lagoon.

Despite being extreme, it is very safe because the participants have a helmet and harness at all times. It is especially relevant to mention that the minimum age to do this activity is 6 years.

Try the FlowRider in Aquaworld

Another popular activity among children in Cancun is the Flowrider. It is a platform that creates a permanent wave and children can go on their bellies on a boogie board. Or if they’re more than 1 meter (3.2 feet) tall, they can stand in the flowboard.

More Activities in Cancun for kids

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