The best apps for travelers

These are the best applications for travelers that will help you have a more organized trip and thus enjoy your vacation in a unique way.

Discover the best apps for travelers

Nowadays there are more possibilities to enjoy travel with the help of technology, whether from reservations to buying air tickets that can be made from a cell phone or a tablet, which is why knowing the applications for travelers becomes essential, as it will improve your experience and make everything much easier.


We start with a classic in the world of travel, the TripAdvisor application will allow you to find accommodations and places of interest to visit. This tool allows you to plan a trip to anywhere you go, without the need for prior knowledge. The application is available for the different existing platforms. It will also allow us to download various free guides with attractions, hotels and restaurants, along with comments from people who have already lived this experience and can serve as prior knowledge.


Although currently other applications such as Facetime or WhatsApp have been growing, the tool to call from a Wi-Fi zone is still the popular Skype. This App will allow you to call anywhere in the world and save a good amount of money on international calls while you find abroad. You can also make videoconferences with other users of the same application for free.

Social media

Both Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest and without forgetting Twitter, allow us to have the option of sharing what one is experiencing and also to have a prior knowledge of the place that one is visiting, along with their sites dedicated to tourism. They are a window to the world and allow you to “follow” travelers who have already made your own trip or who were previously in that area.


If you are looking for a little more adventure, a closer approach to the customs of the place or you simply want to save on accommodation, the Airbnb application will allow you to find rooms or apartments easily. This App allows you to contact people around the world and see the lodging options offered in the city chosen as your destination. It is a secure tool and allows payment in a simple way and with various electronic methods.


This application will allow you to know different places in your tourist destination and read the opinions of thousands of ‘reviewers’ online in order to make an informed decision about what there is to see and do.This is one of the applications for travelers that you will find available on iPhone and Android to tailor the route to take wherever you are.


During your trip you can waste a lot of time in terminals and airports. To avoid that is FlySmart. This application was designed to offer the most detailed information on the different airports in the world. Here you will find where the shops are located, the services available at the airport and the departure and arrival times of the flights.


Another of the best apps for travelers is Expedia. With this application for cell phones and tablets you will be able to find flights and accommodation in the place chosen as your destination. Although it does not stand out for its sophisticated design, it has a wide community of users and the possibility of obtaining discounts, in case of contracting a service through the app.

This is how all these applications for travelers can be of great help when looking for tours of snorkel, packets of diving, to visit MUSE or any other recreational activity to live with the family.